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Good Things Are Happening in the 901: A Look at Mayor Paul Young’s First 100 Days

Mayor Paul Young delivers a speech at a church podium with the congregation seated behind him, in a setting with religious symbols and the text "he is risen" visible.

As the 901 marks the first 100 days under Mayor Paul Young’s leadership, it’s clear that the heart of Memphis is beating stronger than ever. With steps towards a safer, cleaner, and more connected city, there’s plenty for us Memphians to be hopeful about! Here’s a rundown of the changes shaping our city’s future: 

Clearing the Way for a Cleaner Memphis

Addressing urban blight has been a top priority for Mayor Young. The newly established Blight Strike Team has been active in 21 zip codes, focusing on high-impact areas to remove major blight and enhance the city’s appeal.

"In our first 100 days, we created a new Blight Strike Team that targets specific high-impact areas every week,"

Mayor Young shared, underlining a commitment to a pristine Memphis.

Building a Future-Ready Memphis

Mayor Young’s vision for a “Future Ready” city is quickly becoming a reality with enhancements in connectivity and infrastructure. 

"Today, we are at the starting block of becoming one of the nation's most connected and Future Ready cities, a model for the rest of the nation,"

he declared, urging Memphians to contribute to this momentum. By participating in civic initiatives and embracing local developments, residents can help shape Memphis into a model city that not only addresses current challenges but also leads the way into the future.

Engaging the Heart of Memphis

Community engagement has never been more active, with ongoing efforts to involve citizens in town hall meetings and public programs. These initiatives are key to enhancing civic interaction and ensuring that the voices of more Memphians are heard. 

The strides made by Mayor Young and his administration mark the beginning of a promising era. Keep an eye on these exciting developments, Memphis! Let’s continue to enjoy and invest in all the good things happening right here in the 901! 

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