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Art in the Loop: Transforming Spaces in Memphis with Greg Belz

Memphis, a city pulsating with cultural vibrancy and historical depth, finds itself at the crossroads of innovation and tradition through the lens of art. “I am basically a carnival barker; I try to lure an audience into the tent…for art,” shares Greg Belz, a pivotal figure in Memphis’s dynamic art scene, about his journey and mission in the arts.

Greg’s contributions, from orchestrating major art shows since 1985 to spearheading projects like Art in the Loop and WinterArts, have significantly enriched Memphis’s cultural landscape. His passion extends beyond state lines to Texas, yet it’s his influence in Memphis that marks a transformative chapter in the city’s artistic narrative.

The Genesis of Art in the Loop

Red and black artistic logo for "Art in the Loop.

Greg reminisces about the inception of Art in the Loop, attributing its birth to the strategic importance of location. “Art in The Loop was born because of the primary tenant of real-estate: location, location, location,” he recalls, emphasizing the aesthetic allure of Ridgeway Loop Road that ultimately convinced him to launch another outdoor art event. This festival has since evolved into a cornerstone of Memphis’s art celebrations, advocating for an immersive engagement with the art-making process.

A Conduit for Artistic Appreciation

With a firm belief in the educational aspects of art, Greg highlights Art in the Loop’s role in fostering a deeper appreciation among the Memphis community. “We wanted to create a learning experience,” he states, underscoring the significance of live demonstrations and the festival’s status as a springtime juried art event. Through these efforts, Art in the Loop not only educates but also elevates the communal art experience, reinforcing the city’s cultural identity.

Curating Art that Resonates

Intricately patterned mandala art with vibrant colors and symmetrical designs.

The curation of Art in the Loop, as Greg details, is a meticulous process undertaken by a jury of arts professionals. This ensures that the art showcased not only meets a high standard but also resonates with the diverse tapestry of Memphis. “The work is evaluated in an online platform and scored for quality of design, execution, presentation, etc.,” explains Greg, highlighting the rigorous selection process that fosters a rich, diverse art offering.

Vision for the Future

Promotional poster for the art festival in the loop, Art 2024 in Memphis, featuring dates April 12-14 and application deadline information.

Greg envisions a future where Art in the Loop grows in size and scope, subject to the Memphis community’s engagement and appreciation. He expresses a desire to integrate more classical music into the festival, enhancing the sensory experience for attendees. “Besides, everyone would feel better if they listened to more classical music and looked at more art,” Greg muses, contemplating the enriching potential of art in everyday life.

Through initiatives like Art in the Loop, Greg Belz not only champions the artistic spirit of Memphis but also invites the community to engage in a deeper, more meaningful dialogue with art. In doing so, he weaves a narrative that celebrates the city’s rich cultural heritage while looking forward to its artistic future.

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