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Two women, dressed in aprons, stand smiling beside an outdoor menu sign for m and m kitchen, featuring a QR code and food images.
Photo: Edible Memphis

Sister Chefs: How M and M Kitchen is Spicing Up Memphis

Nestled in Midtown Memphis is a culinary gem that transcends continents. M and M Kitchen, a creation born from the dreams and culinary passions of two sisters from Lagos, Nigeria, serves as a testament to the universal language of food. Mary and Monsurat, affectionately known as “T,” have woven their diverse educational backgrounds and rich life experiences into every dish they serve, making their kitchen a place where cultures converge and community thrives. Their journey from Lagos, Nigeria to Memphis, USA is not just a tale of migration but a story of passion, culinary heritage, and entrepreneurial spirit that has found a new home in Memphis.

Two women in aprons, one holding a bowl of fried food and the other holding art in the loop juice bottles, posing playfully in a kitchen.
Photo: Edible Memphis

The Sisters Behind the Magic: Mary and T

The journey of M and M Kitchen began long before its inception in Memphis, rooted in the bustling city of Lagos where Mary and T grew up. Their paths, though intertwined, took them through varied landscapes of learning and discovery. Mary’s pursuit of Sociology in the United Kingdom provided her with insights into societal structures and cultures, enriching her understanding of the world and its diverse peoples. T, on the other hand, delved into the realms of business and hospitality, earning master’s degrees that equipped her with the acumen to navigate the complexities of running a successful culinary venture.

T’s culinary journey took an adventurous detour in Turkey, where she spent four to five years not only pursuing her master’s degrees but also honing her cooking skills. It was here, among friends and new acquaintances, that T’s passion for cooking, particularly the art of crafting authentic Afro-Caribbean dishes, flourished. This experience was instrumental in shaping the culinary ethos of M and M Kitchen, emphasizing authenticity, freshness, and a deep respect for tradition.

Authentic Flavors, Uncompromising Quality

At M and M Kitchen, the menu is a tapestry of flavors, colors, and textures, each dish telling a story of heritage, tradition, and culinary innovation. From the fiery heat of jerk fish to the rich and comforting depths of pepper soup with goat, the sisters’ commitment to authenticity and quality is evident.

Fasting during Ramadan, a period of reflection and community for many, including Mary and T, adds another layer of depth to their journey. Running a kitchen that specializes in hot and spicy delicacies, while observing fasting, is a testament to their dedication and love for what they do. It’s a balancing act that underscores the resilience, passion, and commitment of these two remarkable women.

Community and Collaboration at OtherFoods Kitchen

The choice of OtherFoods Kitchen as their launchpad is no coincidence. This shared culinary space has not only provided them with the facilities needed to bring their dreams to fruition but has also surrounded them with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. “We love being at OtherFoods, and the other entrepreneurs who cook out of the shared kitchen have become like family. We look out for each other,” Mary shares. This sense of community and mutual support is a reflection of their own family values, extended into their professional lives.

For those in Memphis craving the authentic taste of Afro-Caribbean cuisine, M and M Kitchen offers a convenient solution. Customers can order online for pickup or choose delivery through DoorDash, UberEats, GrubHub or call 901-659-6400—making it easier than ever to indulge in their mouthwatering offerings.

A Dream Fueled by Passion

“We are sisters that have a dream and want to go for it. Cooking is our passion,” T remarked.

This simple yet profound statement encapsulates the essence of M and M Kitchen. It’s not just about food; it’s about pursuing a dream, fueled by a shared passion for cooking and a desire to bring people together through the universal language of food. M and M Kitchen stands as a beacon for anyone seeking to explore the depths of Afro-Caribbean cuisine, served with a side of Memphis hospitality and the unyielding spirit of two sisters with a dream.

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