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10 Places To Get Authentic Tacos In Memphis

Maciel's, Photo: Cristina McCarter

Memphis is home to some really tasty and authentic Mexican food, including tacos. Check out these suggestions below from City Tasting Tours owner, Cristina McCarter, and let us know what you would add to the list.


Maciel’s, Photo: Cristina McCarter

  1. Maciel’s Tacos and Tortas – 45 S Main.

Wipe those tears away ladies and gentlemen, Maciel’s is finally reopening! While it’s only been about two months, in restaurant terms it seems like a decade. I was walking down Main Street Mall when I saw the owner, Manuel inside the once-destroyed restaurant and we talked about the reopening. He mentioned they’ve passed all inspections and now they are painting and doing floor work this week. EEEEEEKKKKKK I’m excited. He also mentioned they will be serving a few new items including beer cocktails. I can’t wait to have lunch there soon.

Las Delicias, Photo: Zach F on Yelp

  1. Las Delicias – 4002 Park Ave

This is the place most of us began our authentic taco journey. Las Delicias is the Mama of Mexican in Memphis. This location is consistent and they push that food out like nobody’s business! This place can do no wrong in my eyes. Make sure you grab a bag of their housemade chips to take home.

Elena’s Tacos, Photo: Ramona P on Yelp

  1. Elena’s Taco Shop – 6105 Summer Ave.

I know we are here for tacos, but please order the Carne De Asada Fries too. Also does any other restaurant offer 8 sauces to try besides Elena’s? They literally have a salsa bar, so I’m going to say nope.

  1. Antojitos Mexicanos Celaya – 6075 Winchester Rd.

This place is MC Hammer 2 Legit to Quit. Yelpers know a little something about finding those hidden gems..They also know good tacos because that’s exactly how I found out about this place. It smelled so fresh I jumped right in so no pictures but you gotta check it out.

  1. La Guadalupana – 4818 Summer Ave.

Two words people: SALSA VERDE… Solid tacos in a prime location of tacos and more tacos!! The good thing about Summer is if you miss where you wanted to go just keep driving and you’ll find another solid Mexican restaurant.

Photo: Cristina McCarter

  1. Tacos Los Jarochos – 4898 Summer Ave

Once you start venturing out to taco trucks, you may never go back. Not only can you find tacos here, you can also stock up on paletas and more for dessert.

Emilios Grocery, Photo: Kyle W. on Yelp

  1. Emilio’s Grocery – 2757 Getwell Rd.

It’s a celebration anytime you find good food at the strip mall grocery store. These tacos have tons of flavor and taco enthusiasts can appreciate that.

  1. El Burrito Express – 4038 Jackson Ave.

You can’t help but spot this well lit food truck on Jackson. If you ever decide to give them a go I’d say just go ahead and splurge. They’re only $1!

  1. Taqueria Express – 2841 S Perkins Rd

Order at least 4 because they are small. Street tacos are the best and I dare you to try their tender lengua tacos. Ball out on those $1 tacos!! It’s the best way to experience authentic tacos without breaking your wallet. You may think you are into chorizo and you may be more of an al pastor kinda person.

  1. Taqueria La Guadalupana – 5848 Winchester Rd.

Winchester Rd was blessed with authentic Mexican fare. Taqueria La Guadalupana has to be one of the biggest Mexican restaurants in Memphis! They serve margaritas and generous taco portions. You can never go wrong with a steak taco.

What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

Cristina McCarter is a native Memphian who owns the food tasting tour company, City Tasting Tours, and loves bringing people together through food.