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10 Places To Get Authentic Tacos In Memphis

Memphis is home to some really tasty taco eateries that come stuffed with that authentic Mexican tang.

Check out these taco spots below and let us know what you would add to the list!

Three pulled pork tacos.

Location(s): Downtown (45 S. Main St.) and Midtown (825 S. Cooper St.

Between the chicken tortilla soup, the garlic shrimp tacos, lettuce-wrapped tacos, the steak salad, queso dip, the steak tacos, and guacamole that’s made to order fresh as the Fresh Prince of BelAir, you’ll surely find something to satisfy your appetite.

See the full menu here.

A table full of Mexican tacos on a wooden table in Memphis.

Location(s): University District (4002 Park Ave) and East Memphis (5689 Quince Road)

Ah, where most of us began our authentic taco journey. Las Delicias is the motherland of authentic Mexican in Memphis. They’ve got two locations, but we suggest taking it to where it all started on Park Avenue near the University of Memphis.  Take the ceviche, the fajitas, and the Hawaiian torta for a whirl—and if you’re of age, make sure to grab a marg. Plus, we can’t possibly forget about those house-made chips. You’re definitely going to want to take a bag of those to go.

See the full menu here.

A person holding up a fish taco.

Location(s): 6105 Summer Ave.

Just know that you are going to need to get the Carne de Asada fries. Like we know this post is technically suppose to be about tacos, but make sure to tack those onto your order too. Also, their sauce game needs to be mentioned. How many other restaurants offer 8 sauces to try besides Elena’s? We’ll wait…

See the full menu here.

A tray of tacos on a table.

Location(s): Parkway Village (2760 S. Perkins) Summer Avenue (4255 Summer Ave.) Germantown (1058 N. Germantown Pkwy.) Midtown (2120 Central Ave.)

Let’s take a moment to taco bout the Birria Tacos that are stuffed with satisfying amount of shredded beef, and have a cheese pull unlike any other… because our mouths are watering just thinking about them. So there’s that, plus the burritos, quesadillas, and the Tacos de Canasta are nothing too shy away from either. And the fact that there are four locations means you don’t have to go too to enjoy the tasty times.

See the full menu here.

A plate of tacos and guacamole on a table.

Location(s): 1350 Concourse Avenue, Suite 157

From Venezuelan to Sudanese, Syrian, Mexican and more, Global Café knows a thing or two about cooking with culture. With so many authentic dishes offered under one roof, it’ll be hard to make a decision—but make sure to toss those tacos into the rotation.

See the full menu here.

Tacos on a wooden table.

Location(s): 4900 Summer Avenue

With a food truck that totes all that taco goodness, AND an ice cream shop that pushes paletas, smoothies, dorinachos, and all kinds of out-of-box eats and treats, you’ve got hella options that’ll have your tastebuds happy dancing. 

See the full menu here.

Two tacos with lime wedges.

Location(s): 2757 Getwell Rd. 

Pull up for a plate and grab some groceries while you’re at it! Offering products from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, you’ll surely find an array of flavors to fix one hell of a feast. And while you might not be able mimic their tacos, tortas, sopes, or molcajete at home, that’s okay. Leave it to the experts. That’s what we do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

See the full menu here.

Tacos on a table.

Location(s): 286 N Cleveland St. (Food truck can also be found at the Marathon gas station on Belvedere and Madison)

Thank the stars they stay open til 10PM, because sometimes those cravings hit a little later than expected. Between the mouth-watering mulitas, big ass burritos, refreshing agua frescas, and the 14 other offerings—their menu may be small, but it’s mighty.

See the full menu here.

A plate of tacos and chips with guacamole and salsa in Memphis.

Location(s): Germantown (1215 South Germantown Road) and East Memphis (6300 Poplar Ave #115)

This is THE spot if you’re looking to have a feast. Kick things off with elote and an order of that freshly-made chunky guac. Then stuff yourself full of spicy pork tacos, chile steak tacos or maybe a mexican style hot dog if that’s more your speed. Wash it all down with one of their natural juices—might we suggest the Testote or the Horchata?

See the full menu here.

A plate of tacos.

Location(s): 3896 Macon Rd

Where else can you get a morning cup of coffee and a pastry with a side of salsa and chips? At Caminos, the baked goods may be the big shebang, but the tacos are top notch too. With a reputation as one of the most expensive bakeries in town, their delicious roscas will remind you why that is. 

See the full menu here.



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