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Sponsor a Kid’s Christmas with the MAM Christmas Store

One of the greatest things we can do during the holiday season is GIVE. Meeting the needs of others not only benefits them, it also benefits YOU! It increases social connections, releases endorphins, can reduce blood pressure, and can be just plain FUN.

Our friends over at Memphis Athletic Ministries (MAM) are pros at giving. They provide year-round mentoring programs for youth (8-18) at eight centers in disadvantaged neighborhoods across Memphis. They partner with families, schools, and other organizations to provide a nurturing environment, mentoring groups, organized sports, and more while they address the physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of youth.

Every year, they organize a Christmas Store to help MAM families prepare for their Christmas celebrations! MAM parents are given a Target gift card to shop for their families and select the perfect gifts to put a smile on their kids face on Christmas morning. In addition to a Target gift card, families get a basket filled with books and other household essentials.
Coach Sara and Mom Tracy, MAM Christmas Store (Circa 2016)
When you give to the MAM Christmas Store:
  • You allow parents to select their own gifts for their children
  • Provide hope for families
  • Provide a platform to spread the Good News of King Jesus

The MAM Christmas store is closing its “doors” on December, 10th.

Here’s what you can do to support the MAM Christmas Store:

Even if it’s just the $5 in change you found cleaning out your car, every dollar makes a difference. The MAM Christmas Store is more than a means for providing our children with toys and clothes. It is a platform for sharing!

We love you Memphis. We love you for your Grit but, mostly we love you for your giving. Let’s give big on this one!

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