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Summer Camps and Programs for Students

This summer is heating up with possibilities, and Give901 is here to guide you through the array of programs that our partner organizations have to offer. Whether your child’s interests lie in science, the arts, or sports, Memphis has some spectacular summer activities designed to ignite passions and forge lasting learning and friendships. Don’t miss out on the chance to explore, learn, and grow through these amazing summer programs today!

Stax Music Academy

Group of young adults singing on stage in a school gymnasium during summer programs, with microphones and music stands, dressed in casual attire.

Get ready to groove your way through summer with the Stax Music Academy’s Summer Music Experience! This summer camp isn’t just any camp—it’s a journey back in time to the heart-thumping, soul-stirring beats of Stax Records’ “Soul Explosion” era. Participants will explore the world of music through hands-on activities, collaborative events like Red Carpet Day and a songwriting competition, and even a new video and film component. The program culminates with a grand finale concert on June 29th at Overton Park Shell. It’s an experience that hits all the right notes! 

  • June 3 -29, Monday-Friday
  • Next Audition Date: May 10th, 3:30 pm-6:30 pm
  • Grades: 6th-12th grade
  • Price: $600, income-based discounts available
  • Register here: Stax Music Academy Registration

Memphis Athletic Ministries

A coach observes young players during a basketball practice in an indoor gymnasium as part of summer programs.

This summer, Memphis Athletic Ministries  is excited to offer two dynamic camps that promise fun, learning, and personal growth. These camps are designed to engage young minds and bodies in activities that foster development and camaraderie. Whether your child is interested in a variety of academic and recreational pursuits or focused on sports, MAM has the perfect summer experience waiting for them!

MAM Summer Academy

This is a six-week camp divided into three enriching 2-week sessions. Each session blends academic enrichment with recreation, Bible study, and exciting field trips. 

  • Grades: rising 3rd through 8th grade
  • Price: One Session: $50, Two Sessions: $95, All Three Sessions: $140 (additional costs for field trips)
  • Register here: MAM Summer Academy Registration


STEM in Sports (June 3 – June 14)

Dive into the fascinating world of STEM! Explore how science, technology, engineering, and math revolutionize athletic performance and get a behind-the-scenes look at sports technology.

Business Olympics (June 17 – June 28, closed June 19)

Unleash your inner entrepreneur with the MAM Business Olympics! Learn essential business skills and compete in fun, challenging competitions designed to foster teamwork and business acumen.

Around the World (July 1 – July 12, closed July 4-5)

Travel the globe without leaving camp! Discover the cultures, geographies, and climates of countries competing in the Olympics, expanding your global awareness and appreciation for diversity.

Summer Sports Camp

For those with an interest in athletics, MAM also offers Summer Sports Camps focusing on basketball, volleyball, and soccer. These camps are tailored to develop sporting skills, encourage healthy competition, and build team spirit. Designed for various age groups and skill levels, each camp ensures that all participants find both challenge and enjoyment in their summer activities.

Camp Types: 

Co-ed Basketball

These four-day basketball camps cover everything from dribbling to shooting, perfect for all levels from beginners to advanced players. Campers are grouped by age, experience, and skill to ensure personalized training.

  • June 3-6 (2nd-6th graders)
  • June 10-13 (6th-8th graders)

Girls Volleyball

Jump into volleyball with four-day camps focusing on everything from serving to gameplay. Suitable for all skill levels, these camps also offer 6 vs 6 play. Knee pads are provided, though campers can bring their own.

  • June 17-20 (6th-8th graders)
  • June 24-27 (8th-12th graders)

Co-ed Soccer

Dive into the basics of soccer over this three-day camp, ideal for both new and experienced players. Learn essential soccer skills in a fun and supportive environment, with training tailored to each group’s abilities.

  • July 1-3 (2nd-6th graders)

Memphis Teacher Residency

A teacher and two students engage in an educational activity with cards at a classroom desk during a summer camp, with another student working in the background.

Unlock a world of learning and excitement with Memphis Teacher Residency! Dive into fun-filled and enriching summer programs right here in Memphis, a vibrant hub for summer learning.

MTR Camp at Berclair Elementary

This three-week literacy camp combines reading enrichment with the joy of summer day camp. Activities are designed to bolster literacy skills while integrating games, competitions, and dance, fostering both educational growth and lifelong friendships. Complimentary breakfast and lunch are provided, making each day not only educational but also nourishing!

  • June 10-28
  • Grades: Current K, 1st, 2nd, and 4th grade students
  • Price: FREE!
  • Register here: MTR Camp Application

The Marjorie Lee Browne STEM Discovery Camp

This three-week camp is tailored to inspire future mathematicians, scientists, engineers, and computer scientists. With a strong focus on mathematics and problem-solving, the camp encourages campers to discover the fun in math and its application in daily life. Hands-on science and engineering activities will further engage and challenge young minds.

other ways to support

These enriching programs are not just about filling the summer days but about preparing for a brighter future through unique and transformative experiences. And if you don’t have a child looking for something to do this summer but still want to support these incredible initiatives, most of the programs offer donation opportunities to assist in covering tuition so all students have the opportunity to attend. Your support can make a huge difference in the lives of many and help sustain these valuable programs. 

Give901 is a campaign of City Leadership supporting ten partner organizations year round. These partnerships provide excellent teachers, innovative schools, and empowering mentors for the city of Memphis. 

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