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Discover the Next Wave of Innovation at Hospitality Hub: Introducing Hub Studios

Get ready to be inspired by the latest project taking the city by storm—Hospitality Hub‘s Hub Studios. Kelcey Johnson, the visionary Executive Director, welcomes us to a fresh approach aimed at tackling homelessness with compassion and efficiency.

A Fresh Take on Shelter

Hub Studios are not your typical tiny houses; they are something extraordinary. Crafted as non-congregate shelters, these spaces provide privacy and dignity to individuals, couples, and family units—perfect for those who find traditional shelters challenging due to mental health issues or personal needs.

Full-Spectrum Support Right Where You Need It

What sets these studios apart? Each one is located on a campus bustling with resources. From case managers to psychologists, a dedicated team is always on hand, working tirelessly to assist residents in transitioning from homelessness to a stable living situation. Imagine moving from a life under a bridge to a secure space with three meals a day, personal care amenities, and even Wi-Fi—all within 60 days.

Beyond Basic Needs—Thriving in a Supportive Community

The vision here is bold and transformative. These studios aren’t just about surviving; they’re about thriving. Residents receive holistic support to secure IDs, apply for benefits, and gain access to educational and vocational training. This comprehensive care continues even after moving into permanent housing, ensuring a smooth and sustained transition.

Setting a Standard for Cities Nationwide

Group of seven diverse adults smiling and posing on a wooden deck in front of triangular-roofed houses under a clear blue sky, showcasing Memphis's hospitality hub.

Memphis is on the map, not just for its soulful vibes but as a pioneer for social change. Cities across America—from Nashville to Los Angeles—are looking to us, eager to learn from the Hospitality Hub model. It’s about putting people first, and it’s happening right here in the 901.

Why Memphis Matters

Every community needs innovation like this, a system that respects and uplifts its most vulnerable. The Hospitality Hub is showing us how with a person-centered approach that could very well set the standard nationwide.

So, Memphis, let’s rally behind this incredible initiative. It’s more than a project; it’s a movement. Together, we can help transform lives, one Hub Studio at a time. This is our city, driving change and making a difference—because that’s what Memphis does best.

The Hositality Hub has events going on at the Crosstown Plaza every Friday during the month of May 2024. Check out our Events Calendar for more deets. 

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