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A neon sign for Stacy's theater, a historic landmark on the Memphis Museum Trail.
Check out the Stax Museum of American Soul Music!

Memphis Museum Trail: Exploring History, Art, and Music

Dive into the soul of Memphis through the many museums located throughout the city. This guide spotlights the 901’s rich tapestry of museums, each a beacon of the city’s cultural and historical vibrancy. From the hallowed halls of Graceland to the playful corridors of the Children’s Museum, use this guide as your map to traveling through the deepest depths of Memphis.

Music Museums

Explore the rich musical heritage of Memphis at these iconic music museums, a must-visit for music enthusiasts and fans of Memphis’ historical influence on the music scene.

Art museums

Memphis art museums are vibrant cultural hubs, showcasing a diverse range of artistic expressions from local and international artists.

History museums

Memphis’ history museums offer insightful journeys into the past, highlighting pivotal moments and figures in the city’s rich history.

Museums for kids

These family-friendly museums in Memphis provide fun, interactive learning experiences that spark creativity and imagination in kids.

Motorcycle and car museums

For automobile enthusiasts, Memphis’ car and motorcycle museums showcase an impressive collection of classic and modern vehicles.

  • Edge Motor Museum
    • Monday-Friday: 10:30 AM-5 PM, Saturday: 11 AM-3 PM, Sunday: 12-4PM | Adult: $10 Child: $5 

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