People kayaking the Mississippi River with the Memphis Bridge in the background
Canoe believe there's so much to do in Memphis? (Photo: Kayak Memphis)

Memphis Water Activities: 5 Ways to Float

Whether you want to kayak the Mighty Mississippi, or find peace during paddle board yoga, there are Memphis water activities waiting for you—and, similar to the experience one has after sipping the notoriously tasty H2O that hails from the Memphis Aquifer, you’ll be left feeling refreshed, and ready to go with the flow. 

Keep scrolling to discover Memphis water activities!

Group kayaking tour of the Mississippi River with a beautiful view of the Memphis Bridge in the background

Take in the beauty of the Memphis Bridge from the best view in town as you cruise the current of the Mississippi River during safely-guided group tours.  

Lady practicing paddle board yoga on open lake in Shelby Farms Park

Get up close and personal with the water at Shelby Farms Park where  paddleboats, paddleboards, kayaks, and canoes are waiting to be vehicles for your Memphis water adventures.

Paddle Board Yoga classes are offered via SUP901 at Shelby Farms. 

Memphis Water Activities be like...

If you know, you know 🍕

We bet you never thought you’d see so much of Memphis from the water! The Wolf River flows all throughout the city limits, and then some—and Blues City Kayaks offers 5 different tours that’ll take you places you’ve probably never seen.

Canoe and kayak rentals on the scenic Ghost River and other beautiful sections of the Wolf River.

It’s about an hour drive from Midtown and Downtown Memphis, but man, is it worth the ride. Once you’ve ‘yakked or canoed the Ghost River section, you’ll REALLY understand the meaning behind the OG Ghost River Brewing branding.

Be it a community pool or a water playground, there are plenty of  places to pop into where you can make a splash!

Looking for more outdoor fun?

We’ve got a guide for that!

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