A Guide to Memphis Vegetarian/Vegan Options

Eat Your Veggies: A Vegetarian, Vegan Guide to Memphis

Whether you are a full-on vegan, vegetarian, or simply a “no-meat Monday” kind of person, we want to support you and provide a guide to help you to find some eats. 

Check out these Memphis vegetarian faves:

Photo: Imagine Vegan Cafe

https://www.imaginevegancafe.com/Comfort food cravings aren’t limited to meat eaters, but there can be difficulty in keeping those plant-based or meat-free. Luckily, Imagine Vegan Cafe not only helps, but takes things one step further by creating some of the south’s most beloved meals sans the animals or animal by-products. This local, family-owned business offers an entire vegan menu without sacrificing that satisfying, southern food taste. P.S. Make sure not to overlook their homemade, vegan ranch and “honey” mustard dressing that is available to purchase online or in the cafe.

Photo: @biancaphillips Tofu vermicelli with peanut sauce at Pho Binh

https://www.facebook.com/Pho-Binh-104336099611112/One of the most popular Asian restaurants in Memphis has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet which serves an assortment of protein-packed tofu. Whether you want curry or traditional Vietnamese pho, Pho Binh more than provides. 

Whether you are in the mood for a quick smoothie or a leisurely, sit-down meal, City Silo prides itself on its healthy menu that is jam packed full of flavor. Don’t worry, you can bring your meat-eating mates (their menu is also omnivore friendly)!

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Photo: Tamboli’s Creamy Bucatini “Cacio Whey Pepe”

Miles Tamboli ensures that his menu provides a handful of seasonal vegetarian options, from the shitake mushroom and spicy arribiata pizza to the salads, mushroom melt, and more. Famous for their homemade pastas and pizzas, Tamboli’s sources most of their plant-based dishes from local farmers and produce businesses. Need a sit down dinner with your girlfriends, or a much needed date-night with someone or just yourself? No matter the sitch, Tamboli’s is just right for the veggie-lovin’ folks!

Photo: Raw Girls Mung Bean Pasta

Best known for their juices and detoxing cleanses, Raw Girls also offers meals and snacks for plant-based foodies. With three locations-Midtown, East Memphis, and soon-to-be Saddle Creek-their food is the freshest of the fresh with raw meat served up as yummy dishes (like chana masala, taco salad, or sweet potato ginger soup). Oh, and make sure to bring your sweet tooth because they’ve got  plant-based desserts like raw almond butter cookies. 

Photo: RP Tracks Lemongrass Tofu

Many East Memphians and University of Memphis students are well aware of the delicious food at RP Tracks, but not very many vegetarians know that the new menu has some goodies for all you lovers of legumes. Got a hankering for some nachos or a hotdog? RP Tracks doesn’t think that you should compromise. They offer tofu or meat alternatives to their already established menu, so call in or pull up a chair for some gameday veggies. 

Photo: Global Cafe Venezuelan Vegan plate

Global Community Cafe has some of the best food in Memphis AND has vegetarian options for you plant-based peeps. Created, cooked, and served by refugees and immigrants from countries like Venezuela and Syria, Global Community Cafe provides a dining experience for Memphians to get to know their neighbors by breaking bread together. We highly recommend trying the traditional Venezuelan flan!

Photo: Railgarten Veggie Tacos

Cornhole and Korean BBQ tofu tacos? Yes please. From providing local beers on tap to veggie-style gyros, Railgarten really has it all. Their menu provides some veggie options for when you’re out having a good time with your carnivore companions. We think some of their delicious plant-based dishes like the hummus and pimento cheese board might just have your pals picking off of your plate. 

Photo: @debbiescary Slider Inn Buffalo Cauliflower & Tofu wings

Slider Inn is a staple in the Memphis food scene, thanks to their sliders and the notorious Jameson Slushie. Vegetarians, find your place at the dinner table and you’ll be greeted with a handful of plant-based options—from chickpea patties and marinated mushroom caps to nuts and berries, and more. 

Load up, go on a foodie tour at some of these local faves, and let us know which vegetarian dishes you loved best!

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