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A local group of people standing in front of a brick wall, excitedly showcasing the latest items from Choose901 Holiday Collection!
Check out the latest items from the Choose901 Holiday Collection!

Memphis Holiday Gems: Your Ultimate Guide to Local Gifts

Get ready to unwrap the spirit of Memphis this holiday season with Choose901’s 2023 Local Gifts Guide! From the cozy corners of “Bites & Delights” to the chic selections in “Fashion & Accessories,” this guide is bringing you the best of holiday gifts—Memphis style. Whether it’s for the self-care guru or the Memphis history buff, our guide has something special for everyone. Dive in and discover the joy of gifting local this holiday season!

Artisan Treasures & Good Reads

Immerse yourself in the creative essence of Memphis, where places like GetArchd and Paradox at PECO stand as beacons of local artistry and unique finds. In this category, you can explore a diverse array of original art, curated trinkets, and captivating reads.

Fashion & Accessories

Discover a world where Memphis style shines. This category is a showcase of local flair and modern trends, from the threads at ODDS atelier to the vibrant, Memphis-inspired pieces in the Choose901 Holiday Collection. These highlights are just a taste of the diverse and stylish offerings that await!

A woman wearing a green t-shirt, representing Holiday Gems, leans against a brick wall in Memphis while showcasing local gifts.
Choose901 "Memphis or Nowhere" Cursive Tee - $30

Self-Care & Health

Indulge in the soothing ambiance of Downtown Candle Co.’s handcrafted candles and the luxurious, natural offerings from Buff City Soap. These highlights provide a glimpse into the array of relaxing and rejuvenating options available, all dedicated to enhancing well-being with a touch of Memphis charm.

A woman receiving a facial massage at a local salon in Memphis as part of her Holiday Gems experience.
Gift a therapeutic massage from Midtown Massage this holiday season!

Memphis Experiences

Embark on a journey through Memphis’ rich cultural tapestry with our Memphis Experiences category. Here, you can gift an unforgettable visit to the iconic Graceland Mansion, or dive into the vibrant rhythms of the city at the Stax Museum. These are just glimpses of the unique and exciting experiences that define Memphis.

Non-Profits to Support

Embrace the spirit of generosity this holiday season with the Non-Profits to Support category, featuring impactful organizations like Give901. This category allows you to gift donations in others’ names, supporting non-profits with powerful missions in Memphis.

During the holiday season in Memphis, students eagerly raise their hands in a classroom.
Become a Give901 Member today and support like schools like The Soulsville Charter School!

Bites & Delights

Savor the flavors of Memphis with the Bites & Delights category. From the famous Rendezvous ribs, perfect for gifting a taste of authentic barbecue at home, to the exquisite luxury of Phillip Ashley Chocolates, this category is a feast for the senses. Each item offers a unique culinary experience, embodying the rich and diverse tastes of Memphis.

Memphis-style bbq ribs, tender brisket, accompanied by flavorful beans and corn, laid out on a festive table for a Holiday feast.
Ship 2 Slabs of Rendezvous Ribs this Holiday Season - $119

pets & Animal lovers

Celebrate the joy of pets and animal lovers with offerings from local favorites like Hollywood Feed. This category is dedicated to enhancing the lives of our furry friends, featuring everything from nutritious treats to stylish accessories, all from Memphis’ cherished pet stores.

A dog sits at the counter of a local pet store in Memphis.
Grab a special treat for your furry friend from Hollywood Feed!

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