Shelby and Sara at Collegiate's Lunch and Learn

Lunch and Learn with Collegiate Students

The Collegiate School of Memphis is a private, college preparatory school, providing both middle and high school scholars with the highest quality education within a disciplined and caring environment so that each scholar may fully realize their God-given potential.

In 2008, Collegiate opened its doors to a beaming class of seventh graders in the Highland Heights neighborhood for the first time. Over the years, it has grown tremendously to serve grades six through twelve.

This period of time, especially high school, can be the most transformative in a young person’s mind, and shepherding them is challenging and daunting.

The leadership at Collegiate truly loves the transformative learning process and understands that you must create an environment filled with educational opportunities.

One way they achieve this goal is through the Lunch and Learn program.

One piece of the Collegiate mission is to prepare scholars for college success. Lunch and Learn is a way to expose students to different career opportunities and provides a networking avenue for our students to connect to leaders and experts in the Memphis community. 

During two 25-minute lunch periods, students shuffle in to hear the speaker of the week, learn about their passions and struggles, and get the opportunity to ask questions. 

The program is an excellent avenue for students to see their potential after high school and discover careers they may never have imagined. 

I had the wonderful opportunity to speak at Lunch and Learn alongside the Choose901 Communications Director, Shelby Smith. 

The students were eager to learn about the marketing world of Choose901 and all that it entails. We discussed the abundance of paths that fall under the umbrella of communications and marketing and not to worry if you don’t have it all figured out. 

Collegiate is filled with talented, smart students, and many spoke about majoring in something that may seem unconventional, like dance or photography. 

“What really made it fun is that fact that the students’ interests are all over the place. You’ve got the doctors and lawyers, but you’ve also got the aspiring dancers, photographers, and the morticians. This school is producing some trailblazers. Who knows what they are capable of.”

Shelby Smith
Shelby and Sara, Lunch and Learn at Collegiate

Overall, our experience at Collegiate was fantastic, and we can’t wait to see what these students are capable of.

Upon graduating, these students become part of the Choose901 Alumni program, a cohort of talented individuals that attended Choose901 partner schools. 

Our Choose901 Alumni team will help champion and equip these individuals with internships and jobs in hopes they return to invest their life in Memphis.

Choose901 believes that the future of Memphis is here.

It’s important to pour back into the schools that are molding the minds of tomorrow. 

Interested in learning more about Collegiate?

Interested in learning more about the Choose901 Alumni Program?

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