The Choose901: Alumni Program is here to build the next generation of Memphians into their rightful positions as owners, visionaries, and leaders of our city’s present and future! Our team lives to champion and equip our partner school alumni to live a fulfilled life in Memphis, investing in, leading in, and serving in their communities while encouraging a true passion for Memphis. 

"We remind budding professionals and local organizations about the success this city can have if young Memphians are given opportunities to make moves.”
Joi Taylor
Choose901 Alumni Director

choose901:ALUMNI Talent studio

The Choose901 Talent Studio is an extension of the Choose901: Alumni Program. After decades of work with our Alumni cultivating young talent, we created the Choose901 Talent Studio to highlight Memphis’ next generation of leaders to our city’s employers and institutions. 

We believe that some of the world’s best talent lives in Memphis, and has for generations. 

From Ida B. Wells and Booker T. Jones to Wendi Thomas and IMAKEMAKEMADBEATS, talent, innovation and globe-impacting work has continuously happened in our city, and specifically out of Black, Brown, Latinx and Asian communities.


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