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Choose901: Alumni Program Puts Students On-Game

the choose901: alumni team has been busy recently working hard to plan & host an on-game. It went something like this...

On-Games are events meant to essentially to put Alumni “On-Game” to a specific career or profession. 

Alumni are invited to network and listen to industry leaders which they might not have had the opportunity to meet with before. This makes On-Games really important because this is a chance for Alumni to ask questions that they might not get to in a normal professional setting, and to gain real world advice from people who are in the position they would like to be in someday.

The most recent On-Game focused on marketing and communications, and it really gave Alumni the opportunity to get tips and advice for starting in and succeeding in the field.

It's a pre-game

Alumni from Choose901 sitting at a table working on laptops.
Kristian Slater, Talent Coordinator, leading the Pre-Game with Alumni

Prior to meeting and networking with marketing and communications leaders, the Alumni participated in a “Pre-Game” where they learned about elevator pitches and the types of questions to ask.

A group of Choose901 alumni sitting around a table in an office.

let the networking begin...

Alumni began their networking experience with one-on-one or small group conversations with industry leaders and fellow Alumni. 

This was followed by a panel discussion with some of the top marketing and communications professionals here in the city.

A group of Choose901 alumni posing for a photo in an office.
Panelists (front row, left to right): Whitney Hale, Randy McDonald, Sally Pace, Brandon Johnson, and Ayoka Pond

the on-game left alumni with valuable advice and a valuable experience to take with them in their plans for the future.

“We asked Alumni for feedback and many enjoyed being able to network with the panelist before the start of the panel. As well as the intimate setting which allowed for anyone who had questions to speak” -Kristian Slater, Talent Coordinator

thank you to the panelist!

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