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Celebrating Local Education: The Annual Tie Ceremony at Grizzlies Prep

A group of people, Celebrating Local Education, standing in a hallway during The 2nd Annual Tie Ceremony at Grizzlies Prep.

The iconic Orpheum stage of Memphis came alive on Monday, playing host to Grizzlies Prep’s Annual Tie Ceremony. The event, a highlight in the local education calendar, showcased the dedication, grit, and excellence of the young men of Grizzlies Prep.

This ceremony is more than just tradition. As Grizzlies Prep’s Principal and Executive Director, Tim Ware, expressed, “This ceremony is all about who we are together and who we can be together…when we say, we are Grizzlies Prep, we want it to mean something.” The event served as a testament to the collective strength, unity, and achievement of the students, who have embodied the school’s core values of Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Commitment, Grit, and Excellence.

More than a Symbol: The Meaning Behind the Tie

Celebrating Local Education: The 2nd Annual Tie Ceremony at Grizzlies Prep, where a man is tying a boy's tie.

At Grizzlies Prep, earning the school tie is not a right but an honor. The criteria for this privilege reflect the school’s high standards for excellence, requiring a good disciplinary record and the embodiment of the school’s core values. The event symbolizes the students’ collective journey of growth and their commitment to the Grizzlies Prep community.

Join Us in Celebrating Local Education

A group of boys in white shirts celebrating local education at the 2nd Annual Tie Ceremony at Grizzlies Prep.

We invite you to rally behind these young men and the local education initiatives that are shaping our city’s future. When we support Grizzlies Prep, we contribute to the collective achievement of Memphis’s youth, ensuring that when we shine, we shine together. It’s up to us to help them strive for excellence, lifting Memphis to even greater heights. As part of our city’s melody, let’s ensure every note resonates with unity, commitment, and achievement.

Thank you to FedEx, the Orpheum, and the Downtown Memphis Commission for your support in making local education milestones, like the Grizzlies Prep Tie Ceremony, truly memorable.

Get more info on how you can support local education initiatives here ⤵

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