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Join Give901: Support Equity in Education!

What if you could help solve a problem for Memphis? Would you step up? What about a problem affecting 40% of kids in our city?

Memphians have already stepped up to support Give901 Summer Learning Kits (here are a few of our great kids at the Kit Pick-Up Party!). Now every Memphian can support 10 educational nonprofits with one donation at

40% of Memphis children live in neighborhoods of high-concentrated poverty, and go to schools with a fraction of the resources found at better funded schools. They are more likely to struggle with illiteracy and low test scores. 25% of these kids will not graduate from high school, and most will live their entire lives in poverty.

Every child deserves an excellent education and the opportunity to thrive. 40% of kids in our city are missing that opportunity. But imagine being able to change that?

What if one gift could impact ten nonprofits and thousands of children across the city? What if 100% of every gift of any size went straight to those problem-solvers creating educational equity.

Give901 invites you (and the whole city!) to become a city-changer as they leverage your collective generosity and legendary Bluff City benevolence to create educational opportunities for the children—and future leaders—of Memphis.  

When donors sign up to join Give901, those generously given resources go directly to support equity in education through the work of Give901 nonprofit partners. Those gifts support three essential educational change-agents in our city:

  • teacher training that ranks among the best in the state, 
  • innovative schools that are doing things in new and powerful ways, 
  • after-school mentoring organizations that offer game-changing inspiration and support for children.

Need an example of how Give901 supports change in Memphis? Here’s a tangible example of the power of generosity harnessed for change in our city. 

At Give901 partner school Grizz Prep, teacher Austin Young joined the staff after being trained by Teach For America to work for educational equity. Working with middle school boys that might be overlooked as “at-risk” at another school, Young inspires his students to challenge themselves personally and academically. Young coached the Grizzlies Prep debate team from their first year of dismal performance in local competitions to a second year that took them all the way to national championships.

Need another great example of how the Give901 community supports our partners? Former basketball star Elliot Perry uses his influence to leverage the power of the NBA to transform the Memphis community through mentorship. He does this while working with Give901 partner schools across Memphis and advocating for mentoring through Give901 partner the Grizzlies Foundation. As a leading advocate for youth and education, Perry has dedicated his off-court life to spotlighting the power of mentoring and its potential for our city. Inspired by his former trainer’s words, “Confidence is key,” Perry strives to keep young kids connected to education through positive role models that encourage them to believe in themselves.

Ready to join this giving community? You can be an essential part of creating change in the Bluff City.

  • Head to to find all the info about Give901 partners. Follow Give901 on Instagram and Facebook to see inspiring content—like Ja Morant’s dad encouraging students to give their education their all! ————->

  • Give more, give less, just get involved! Be sure to check out the Give901 giving calculator to help determine your “1 hour of pay for 1 greater Memphis.” 

  • Get ready to hear stories of the real solutions that the Give901 nonprofit partners are finding for education in Memphis. Just send an email to be added to the newsletter. 

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