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Photograph by Ziggy Mack

A Great Day In The Mound

On Friday, January 11th, The CLTV will officially open the doors to its new home base in Orange Mound, The CMPLX.

To mark the occasion, The CLTV staged a photo shoot in Orange Mound featuring black artists — musicians, dancers, actors, poets, visual artists, filmmakers, advocates — united to declare their presence and creative autonomy in Memphis, rooted in America’s oldest neighborhood built by and for African Americans. The photo is a recreation of A Great Day In Harlem, an iconic shot of jazz musicians taken in 1959 by Art Kane. Just as that photo documented a significant creative era, A Great Day In Orange Mound taken by photographer Ziggy Mack honors the legacy of black artists in Memphis, captures the energy of the current movement, and signals the greatness to come.

Image by Ty Stinson

The Grand Opening for The CMPLX is Friday, January 11th, at 6:30 pm at 2234 Lamar Avenue. The celebration includes a group exhibition titled “Inheritance,” a makers market, and live music throughout the night.

Take a look back at our previous feature on The Collective for more background, and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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