Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.


“Cool people make cool places.”

The CLTV recently announced the CLTV Residency Program, a 6 month residency for two to four different artists beginning in September and running through February. The residency is currently accepting applications.

The CLTV is an organization dedicated to honoring and propelling African American culture in Memphis by supporting black artists and providing a platform to showcase their work. Victoria Jones launched the CLTV while working at Crosstown Arts, with the goal of increasing the turnout of black audience members for their art exhibitions. It quickly grew beyond that scope to focus on the impact the arts have on the community as a whole throughout Memphis. The CLTV is now its own independent non-profit. Through artist development, art exhibitions, and a new residency, The CLTV connects black Memphis artists with the tools they need to start or maintain a career in the arts.

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