Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

901 Day


September 1st is just another day to the world, but to us it is a day to be recognized. 9/01 will be written millions of times today, and billions will not know the significance; but in the Bluff City, we know 901 is a glorious 3 number combination. A date on all calendar books, 9/01 also signifies the area code for Memphis. For obvious reasons, Memphis have chosen to celebrate this brilliant federation of great neighborhoods on 9/01. Asking yourself why should you celebrate your city? Read this list and let it sink in all the amazing things happening in the 901 and all the people working together to make it the place we all love to call home. Then celebrate! Get together with friends, talk with your family about why you love Memphis, eat at your favorite local restaurant, or celebrate with others at The Levitt Shell! You can’t use being ‘too busy’ as an excuse. Even if its just reading this list and acknowledging the beautiful community around you, celebrate Memphis!

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