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TransforMama: Where Moms Can Work Hard and Play Hard

We’re all longing for a sense of community, whether it be found in a bar, a coffee shop, a book club,  or anywhere in between. Community brings us together and provides the support we need, and TransforMama has created a community that helps new moms enter into their new season of life. 

Layne Carden opened TransforMama in July after having her son, and feeling a lack of resources for the transition into motherhood. Through her her desire to establish connections as a new mom, she discovered Fit4mom where she met some of her best friends—and though that was an active outlet and a way to build friendships, she still felt there was something missing. That’s when she had the idea and inspiration to create a spot that could cover all bases for mamas, to have a support system and safe space for kids and mothers to thrive in. 

“After having my son, I had no idea how much I needed a support group and safe space to explore my new role as a mother—a space where I could reconnect with myself as an individual and grow,” Carden said. 

From childcare being offered to classes for the kiddos to keep them occupied while you do your own thing, TransforMama has your needs covered. If you want to make art, there’s a space for that. If you want to work out, there are a variety of fitness classes offered. If you need a space to hole up on a laptop to get down to business…well, I’m sure you get the gist by now.

As a local business owner by day, a registered nurse by night, and a mother 24/7, Carden wanted a space where mothers could retreat to take care of themselves while their children’s needs are being met. With specific classes focusing on pre and postpartum care, and instructors who are trained in safety for the prenatal and postpartum years, mothers will know it’s not only important to understand how to care for the life you brought into this world, but it’s imperative you tend to the being who made that baby in the first place. 

Carden made it a point to say that the studio is not just a building, but instead a “living, breathing” thing, full of love and support for every walk of life. Yes, this place was created with moms in mind, but all are welcome to experience its warmth and acceptance. Memberships are available to make the most of all the options offered at TransforMama, such as family nights, wine + paint parties, open art cafe nights and more. Created as a place for personal, professional, physical, and creative growth, the studio stays true to its name as a place to work and play! 

Learn more about TransforMama, and see the class schedules and offerings here.

Keep up with what’s going on at the studio on Facebook and Instagram.

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