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Ray Lamontagne

Ray LaMontagne at The Orpheum- Witness the Talent

Ray LaMontagne took to the Orpheum stage on May 20th, 2022.

With Memphis in May coming to a close and Mempho Fest still being beyond reach, music lovers in Memphis are looking for ways to spend their time.

Now, that is not to say music in Memphis EVER stops. On the contrary, the rhythm in Memphis is ongoing and fills our streets with dancing feet.

However, there is nothing quite a show at The Orpheum with the lights, acoustics, and history bounding the walls. 

The Orpheum has been a benchmark location for legendary performances since 1928. It is a true story of resilience as it faced abounding obstacles over the years.
However, the people of Memphis have ensured its survival in the changing times.

The Orpheum puts forward talented shows, people, and broadway staples year-round.Brilliant artists have graced it, like Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and legends of today, like the cast of Hamilton.

Most recently, Ray LaMontagne took the stage for an enchanting evening of music.

I’ve attended an array of shows at The Orpheum this season. From screaming next to breathless, star-struck girls at The Band Camino to jamming to My Morning Jacket, I feel as if I’ve seen it all.

However, I got the chance to attend Ray LaMontange on his Monovision Tour. He strolled leisurely onto the stage on May 20th alongside his band. He stood tall in the dark Orpheum, the lights hitting his cowboy hat to cascade a shadow across his face.  

I was extremely excited to see Ray LaMontagne perform, as my parents have been filling my house with his majestic voice since I was a young girl. They would serenade me in the backseat to “All The Wild Horses” and “You Are The Best Thing.”

MONOVISION includes breakout songs such as “I Was Born To Love You” and “Strong Enough.” The 10-track album sees Ray not only writing and producing the album but also includes added duties of engineering and performing all the instruments for the tracks. This MONOVISION album was released in 2020, marking a 20-year music career. 

LaMontange’s voice was rustic, clean, and carried itself through the quiet Orpheum. Any audience-side conversation came to a halt as we absorbed his raw talent. 

There is quite literally not a bad seat inside The Orpheum, as every chair sets you up perfectly to take in his back-country poetry. So there wasn’t much left to do but sit back and enjoy.  

LaMontagne would occasionally stop to recant a story of years past. It would give the audience an insight into the creation of his music. There is something special about an artist who places you in his shoes during the song creation process.

The Monovision Tour is the perfect escape from the bustle of everyday life to witness the individuality and artistic freedom of the musician.

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