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Social Distancing, But Staying Connected

To put it lightly, COVID-19 is really throwing us for a loop, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to let it take us down. As you settle in at home for some much needed social distancing, here are a couple ways you can stay connected to Memphis and its Memphians.

Stream You Look Like A Comedy Show

In need of a good laugh? Pretty sure that’ll be met with a resounding “YES,” so thank god there are a handful of comedic kings and queens who can get us laughing. You Look Like A Comedy show is a showcase of local comedians that typically takes place at P & H, but thanks to Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, you can catch a case of the giggle fits from the comfort of your own couch.

Order takeout from a local restaurant

So you went to Kroger and panic-purchased a three-week supply of groceries, but none of it is sounding tasty when that tummy starts a-rumblin… What do you do? Where do you go? How can you satisfy your appetite without compromising your immune system? Lucky for us, a number of restaurants, including Milk Dessert Bar, Arcade Restaurant, Beauty Shop, and Hi Tone, are offering longer take-out hours, curbside pick-up, and delivery so we don’t have to miss out on those good Memphis eats.

Catch a Movie at the Drive-In (Now open all week long)

An outdoor movie theater with cars parked in the parking lot offering budget-friendly dates in Memphis.

Netflix not doing it for ya? Make your way to the Summer Drive-In instead. Now, this might seem like a wild card, but let’s look at the facts. The only real interaction you have to worry about is between you and the ticket clerk, because hopefully you wouldn’t trap yourself in a car with a sick person—and we all know you’re sneaking in snacks anyways, so that alleviates the fear of the concessions counter.

*If you’re extra paranoid, come strapped with latex gloves, disinfectant spray, sanitizer, etc.*

Discover new tunes thanks to Ditty TV

Music is a mood booster in and of itself, and Ditty TV’s got enough of that to outlast this pandemic panic. From music videos and music news to artist interviews and live concerts, you’ll arise from these times more connected to Americana & Roots music than you’ve ever been before.

Read a book written by a local author

I can’t think of a better time to take a break from all that screen scrolling. Memphis is home to a wide variety of wordsmiths and has been the setting for many good stories—so kick back, kick your feet up, and keep your germs to yourself while you reach a whole new level of lit.

FYI: Novel delivers books to Memphis and Germantown for $7 ($10 for downtown), Memphis Public Libraries has plenty of e-books, and Burke’s books is now offering curbside delivery!

Practice jookin

So, this might be a long shot for those of you with twinkle toes, but why not take this social hiatus as a chance to learn a new skill. Lace up those sneaks, pull up @memphisjookin on insta, and attempt to learn from the best of the best. Here’s a beginner’s tutorial from Lil Buck himself to get you going. Good luck, and be mindful of those ankles.

Calm yourself down with Elle’s Elixirs

Self care is the best care, and now’s a good time to love on yourself a little harder. When all that media coming at you becomes a bit much to bare, treat yourself to Elle’s Elixirs, a local wellness brand that’ll have you feeling refreshed in no time. Feeling a little stressed? Elixir Number 2 should take care of that. Feeling the weight of our world’s imminent doom? Go for the Elixir box! No matter which you choose, you’ll be happy with the blissful outcome.

Donate to students in need

When Memphis schools made the decision to close for precautionary measures, local orgs jumped into action to make sure students, staff, and families are taken care of—and there are a handful of ways you can contribute to their efforts.

How are you social distancing? Let us know in the comments!

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