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Sisters Establish CelebrateHER for Women Empowerment

2019 is the year of women all over the world, and there’s no exception when it comes to our local ladies. We are a force to be reckoned with, especially when we work together, and Keneice Burks and Richerra Bell created an entire weekend dedicated to helping women recognize their power. CelebrateHER kicks off on Friday, October 4, and boasts three full days of elevation and transformation. 

“Our mission is to help women discover who they are through the eyes of God,” Keniece says. “It’s just a great time to be alive and to experience what he has in store for all of my sisters.”

As kids, Keniece and Richerra recall seeing their mother persevere through many obstacles in order to raise her children in a positive environment. It was evident then that women, in fact, run the world, but it’s even more obvious now that she’s on the other side of it all. 

 “Growing up, I saw our mom work her butt off and she never seemed to complain about work, having to get up at 3 AM to get my siblings and I ready for school, or taking us across town to my aunt’s house to attend a better school than where we were living at the time,” Keniece said. “Sacrifice, strength, and love is what I experienced in the first woman I learned from.”

When it came time to celebrate their birthdays in October of 2018, the two decided to embark on something much more noteworthy than your typical party. After a Facebook Live session revealed a certain need for positivity amongst us girls, they decided it wasn’t just their existence that needed to be celebrated, but the excellence of ALL women. CelebrateHER weekend then kicked off as a space for women of all backgrounds to gather and witness each other’s magic.

Keneice Burks and Richerra Bell

“I know that a foundation and a genuine community of women holding you up [someone that may not look like yourself, but  will understand and identify with where you come from] is needed,” Richerra said. “It’s important that we create a space where we work together. We’ve established a reassuring platform that reminds us we are truly a force when we know who we are and whose we are; recognizing our own power together.” 

With a Star-studded line-up and purposeful discussions, the CelebrateHER weekend has captured the hearts of the women in Memphis. Last year, “The Four” winner Evvie McKinney poured into the hearts of the attendees at the brunch; this year, Shemeka Ramsey will be honored for her encouragement through prophecy. From fun get-togethers and serious conversations that need to be had, Keniece and Richerra have created a lane of their own! 

As sisters, single mothers, and entrepreneurs, Keniece and Richerra have leaned on trusting their faith and purpose throughout the process. They’ve navigated through their difference of opinions and limited funding, and were able to persevere and make CelebrateHER what it is today—a reminder that girls aren’t just beautiful; we’re purposeful and powerful, and we slay all day. 

“CelebrateHER Weekend” takes place on the October 4th-6th and includes a live podcast, day party, and Sunday brunch. Those who are interested can purchase tickets on their website

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