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Night Park’s New Music Video Celebrates Community in the Age of Quarantining

Have you caught yourself scrolling through your phone archives, reliving moments with photos and videos you’ve collected over the years? Because same! I’ve been reminiscing on the good old days when my favorite spots were open, when I didn’t question going to see my parents, and when I could be surrounded by all my besties. Memphis-based producer Night Park knows exactly what I’m talking about, because he created an entire music video out of camera-roll clips that he crowdsourced from friends and family, thus celebrating community in the age of quarantining.

“Because of social distancing, we couldn’t exactly shoot a video right now,” Night Park said. “We toyed around with going to my friends homes to film them dancing through a window, but ultimately I’m glad we went this route. I’m prone to being a bit melancholy, but over the last few years, I’ve been intentionally shifting my focus to the people in my life that I’m thankful for when I start to feel down or sorry for myself. The way we went about creating this video for “Handsome” was partly out of necessity, but ultimately conveyed what most of us are feeling—a longing to stay connected to the company we’ve kept.”

“Handsome” music video edited by Bailey Smith

While relatively new to the house-music scene, Night Park, AKA Brady Tackett’s, love for music production has led him to dabble in a number genres, like psychedelic pop, hip-hop, and rock n’ roll. When he crossed paths with local multimedia and lifestyle brand Future-Everything, he knew he’d found a community of folks who were making the music he wanted to make.

“I went to their showcase at CANVAS, and it was like I had a moment,” Park said. “The energy was great. The room was packed. There were people of all ages and backgrounds just kicking it and getting down. It just felt great. I felt great there.”

That initial connection with Future-Everything turned into partnership of sorts, which led to the recent release of “Outside Love,” Night Park’s first EP release with Future-Everything. Now, when I say house music, you might be thinking of nothing but bass drops and techno beats, but this is something different—it’s soft, but bright. It’s moody, yet optimistic.

“Being a newbie, I don’t really know all the rules, but I’ve been bringing other genres into the mix,” Park said. “I want the rhythm, the excitement, and the movement of dance music, but the emotion and the tones of pop and experimental music. Most people think dark rooms and smokey atmospheres when it comes to house music, but this EP is a day-time, outside, blue sky kind of vibe.”

Night Park may have gotten his feet wet with this release, but it sounds to me like he’s ready to dive into the local and national scene head first.

“I think this is it. I think I have my niche. I’ve found my own musical voice, and I only want it to get louder. I don’t really believe that everything happens for a reason, but my failed experiences in other genres have made it easier for me to create now. I’ve found myself struggling with how to connect to people with dance music that’s purely instrumental, but I think I’ve got it and I hope I keep it—and I’m excited for the chance to create music that makes people happy.

Follow Night Park’s journey on Instagram and Twitter.

Check out his EP “Outside Love” here.

Follow Future-Everything’s work here, and tune into our Instagram at 9:01PM on April 24th to see them take over for a live DJ set!

Photo: Night Park by Bailey Smith

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