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NexGen is an eight-week, hands-on internship experience for graduates of Choose901: Alumni partner schools.

NexGen Internship Program Impacts and Empowers Memphis

As more and more young Memphians are mapping out what moves to make to close in on their career goals, the NexGen Internship Program acts a catalyst during their transition from pupils to professionals.

It’s summertime! School is out, and the opportunities are limitless—especially with NexGen, an eight-week, hands-on internship experience for graduates of Choose901: Alumni partner schools.

A NexGen group standing in front of a wall with a kite.

Serving as a campaign of local nonprofit, City Leadership, the Choose901: Alumni staff team supports some of our city’s best and brightest rising leaders—investing in their futures throughout the first 10 years following high school graduation as they prepare to take their places as the next generation of visionaries for our great city. 

NexGen internships are one of the first steps in the Choose901: Alumni journey, acting as an access point to build professional skills while supporting the work of businesses and organizations in Memphis, Tennessee.

The NexGen Journey: From Setting Intentions to Signing Day

The NexGen journey begins with interpersonal prep work; think post-primary school guidance counselor type vibes. Each graduate has a unique vision for their future, and City Leadership’s team works alongside Choose901: Alumni to understand their educational plans and professional goals. 

Sometimes large-scale internships aren’t the best fit. In other cases, businesses may lack the capacity to manage interns, but are eager for the added support NexGen provides. 

A group of NexGen standing in front of a fire sign.

With these details in mind, the City Leadership talent team moves on to play match-maker to place Alumni in mutually beneficial, Memphis-based, summer internships—serving as a mediator for new connections to be made, and providing structure and access to worthwhile experiences. An added benefit of the matching process is demonstrating the value of networking and investing in professional relationships as a means to career advancement. 

To prepare for interviews, NexGen candidates engage in professional development activities, practice interviews, and receive resume writing assistance. After selection, new interns celebrate with a Signing Day as they gear up to join forces with their new team to tackle a summer of fruitful learning.

While NexGen leaders are building up their resumes and portfolios, local businesses that have hired NexGen interns gain extra help and new ideas from enthusiastic students.

Two people at a table signing NexGen papers.
Two women at a table signing NexGen papers.

Having opportunities available to our city’s future leaders results in many avenues of positive outcomes.

Once matched with an organization, NexGen participants settle in for eight-weeks of hands-on workplace training with their host organizations and the City Leadership team. All parties work in tandem to dream big, develop game plans, and implement strategies that set everyone up for success. This program develops talented leaders who are confident in their career choices and eager to invest in Memphis. 

That’s one thing that makes NexGen unique: a better Memphis is at the heart of it all.

Memphis advances when we work together to build into rising young talent who care about the future of this city. 

We hope that our NexGen leaders and all Choose901: Alumni will, one day, take their places trailblazing in the city we love. We encourage students, no matter where they attend college, to someday Choose901 for themselves, and make Memphis the ultimate destination where they invest and enjoy their lives.  

This year, NexGen’s partnering organizations include Youth Villages, Church Health, City Leadership, and the Brooks Museum

We are always looking for new opportunities for our next round of NexGen interns.

Interested in learning more about the program? Want to play an active role in building a better Memphis?

About the Author:

I am a marketing major at the University of Memphis, interested in public relations and advertisement. My  summer consisted of interning with City Leadership, gaining experience in blog writing and content optimization. As an intern myself, I feel that some of what I have learned so far could not be taught in the classroom. I encourage other Choose901: Alumni to consider applying if they have not already.

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