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Mission: School Sports

Back in September,  Give901 launched this fundraiser to help alleviate the costs of playing school sports for Memphis students at 3 schools—Collegiate School of Memphis, Grizzlies Prep, and Soulsville— and Memphians stepped up and showed up for our students.

Thanks to that iconic Memphis generosity, hundreds of kids are going to get the opportunity to play the sports of their dreams! 

On behalf of the hundreds of kids, THANK YOU MEMPHIS! Students are getting the chance at mentorship, better grades, and overall positive health and success moving forward.

Mission: School Sports is a fundraising campaign of Give901 helping to raise money to support the athletic programs at three schools in Memphis. 

Join us to ensure that students from low-income backgrounds have access to play. 

Sports have lifelong benefits and teach valuable lessons that students can take with them well beyond their time as student athletes. 

By giving today you are providing students the opportunity to learn how to problem solve, collaborate, and lead— skills that will make them successful future leaders in the city of Memphis.

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Mission: School Sports supports...

  • Grizzlies Prep – the all boys middle school offers football, baseball, aquatics, and track & field.
  • Collegiate School of Memphis – this school provides middle and high school students with opportunities to participate in soccer, cheerleading, cross country, and basketball.
  • Soulsville Charter School – Soulsville offers basketball, volleyball, rugby, cheerleading, and tack & field to its students.

Most people get excited about games, but I've got to be excited about practice because that's my classroom.

At Give901 we believe that sports can prepare students for life. 

Keep reading to learn why sports matter, the barriers that some Memphis students face, and how you can continue to support Memphis students through Mission: School Sports.

why do sports matter?

School sports have a lasting impact on students, teaching them to collaborate, compete, and lead. No child should be excluded from those benefits. 

We know that sports participation can lead to higher graduation rates, better test performance, higher grades, and higher likelihood for college enrollment—and that’s in addition to the health benefits.

40 percent of students in Memphis lack athletic ability due to their poverty.

What can memphians do with Mission: School Sports?

Give901 believes Memphis can do better.

We’ve partnered with 3 schools where academics are accelerated, but sports need support.

Donate and become a dream team fan to ensure that children aren’t limited by a lack of equipment, that teams have uniforms, and that sports can be a source of joy and inspiration for all young Memphians.

A pair of shoes with the words give 90 on them.

The Challenge some Memphis students face:

Despite the value that sports brings to students, access to quality sports programs is limited in low-income communities, and often underfunded in schools that serve those neighborhoods. Fees, equipment, and travel costs leave some kids on the sidelines. 

A young man in a mission school basketball uniform.

Become a Dream team fan TODAY!

With Mission: School Sports, you support sports programming through donations, AND  become a fan of these students’ dream teams—their school teams. Give a gift today, and become a dream team fan by:

  • Following Collegiate, Soulsville, and Grizzlies Prep on social media.
  • Attending a game or two for these three schools. Stay tuned for details!


thank you to our Sponsors:

Give901 is grateful for our sponsors who will be hosting fitness fundraisers, and collaborating with us in support of Mission: School Sports. Stay tuned for event dates and details!

A yellow circle with the words choose 901 on it.
The logo for the school sports performance and fitness program, Kentix.
The logo for Mind Body Haus, showcasing a fusion of school and sports.

Interested in Sponsoring Give901's mission: school sports?

If you or your company is interested in sponsoring Give901’s Mission: School Sports in any way contact Give901’s Strategic Partnerships Director, Kristen Davis at

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