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Food Trucks in Court Square Downtown Memphis
Food trucks in Court Square. Photo by Jordan Johnston.

Memphis Food Trucks

Memphians love Their food trucks.

From cheesecake to gourmet grilled cheese, the Bluff City Food Trucks feature it all. Add them to your Memphis bucket list, and eat your heart out.

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A donut on a plate.
Photo: Memphis Mojo Cafe

Asian Cuisine

Dim Sum Food Truck Dumplings
Photo: Dim Sum Food Truck


Bain Food Truck BBQ
Photo: Bain BBQ Food Truck

It should come as no surprise that barbecue has its own category. Would Memphis really be Memphis without Barbecue? 

  • Bain BBQ: Texas Craft BBQ featuring hand-trimmed meats and slow-smoked goodness *Storefront located on Cooper
  • Central BBQ: Serving their slow-smoked BBQ and more
  • Grill Master Chew: Memphis BBQ, stuffed turkey legs, sausage, nachos and more
  • Memphis AF Burrito: The burrito you never knew you always wanted—do you like it mild or spicy?
  • Smokey Baby Eatery: Turkey legs, rib tips, smoked sausages, and more
  • Smurfey’s Smokehouse: Smoked chicken, sausage, BBQ and steak sandwiches


Mr. Fraizer's Fish Fry Food Truck
Photo: Mr. Frazier's Fish Fry Food Truck


Raw Girls Food Truck Salad
Photo: Raw Girls Food Truck

These food trucks are known for mastering unique cuisine. From juice to hot dogs, Memphians have refined their craft with delicious results.

Latin American

El Mero Taco Food Truck Tacos, Margarita, and Corn
Photo: El Mero Taco

Mexican street food and Tex Mex….need we say more?


Vegan eats are on the rise in Memphis. Check out these food trucks serving up delicious veggies!


MemPops Food Truck Frozen Popsicles
Photo: MemPops
Bluff City food trucks have got game when it comes to sugary sweets. Check out some of these local favorites! 

So, where are the food trucks?

Food Trucks in Court Square Downtown Memphis
Food trucks in Court Square. Photo by Jordan Johnston.

Here’s our list of well-known food truck spots:

Got a food truck or a food truck roundup to add to the list?

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