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Memphis Based QCG Productions Takes Entertainment to New Heights

There’s a fire-breathin’, silk-spinnin’ wolf pack of performers who have added a new layer to the entertainment industry in Memphis! QCG Productions made its debut in 2018 and since then have taken what it means to perform to new heights, literally.

QCG Productions has a colorful palette when it comes to entertaining, and a high-energy host to match. Aubrey DePew, the founder, took her years of acrobat training and teachings to create a team that is dynamically diverse with the ways in which they wow the crowd. 

“Last September, I personally got asked to find a group of aerialists for a party at Club Spectrum for pride,” says DePew. 

The demand to find a group of artists to perform for the grand reopening of Club Spectrum back in 2018 was the push DePew needed. When it came time to deliver, she not only set the vibe for the club-goers and created a memorable Pride Night, but she showcased a myriad of talents that are complimentary to this city’s unique identity.

“It was absolutely insane and such an incredible experience,” says DePew. “We reached capacity, I think, three times and we had to stop letting people in.”

DePew proved to Club Spectrum’s owner, Stephanie Wilbanks, that she was capable of delivering a full production—so much that Wilbanks requested a new show be created for the following month.

Photos: Cameron Mitchell

With a win underneath her belt and a second booking on the table, DePew was given the creative space to execute any and all ideas. She recruited a few people with various skillsets to become part of her team. By reaching capacity at her first show, the pressure was on to attract the same, if not more, attention. 

“Stephanie Willbanks who emcees the show got up and introduced us as ‘Queer Circus Girl Productions’, which is my Instagram name,” says DePew. “I was like, ‘Oh, wow. Oh wow!’ this could be a production company.”

That was the moment QCG Production was born, but what was the brand? Who was it going to represent? As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, DePew wanted her brand to welcome all the “strange, different, and a little bit off” individuals. 

DePew passionately talks about the family that QCG has become, and the artistry they showcase throughout the southeast. They practice 2-3 times a week and perform every single weekend. With a wide range of crafts and disciplines, there’s always an opportunity share and learn new skills.

“It takes a lot of time, energy, effort, blood, sweat, tears.” said DePew. “It is a small world, but at the end of the day we’re all the same family and I have nothing but respect for everyone who does what we do because it’s hard. 

As a Memphis based business, QCG Productions hopes to have its own studio for those who are interested in learning about aerial arts or fitness classes.

“There are 47 local performers that I work with currently,” says Depew. “They have different disciplines so we are able to do multiple gigs at once and in different locations. But our core crew is about 14 people who train in multiple disciplines, whether it’s aerial, silks, or fire.” 

From putting on a family-friendly shows that will charm the youngest of the young to creating more tantalizing, mature performances, QCG has made it a point that as artists there is no ‘standard’—but instead be adaptable and malleable.

“We all have a common goal. We all want to grow as artists. We all want to grow the arts community here. We want to be involved in as many fundraisers as possible and give back as much as we can.” Says DePew. 

Stay connected with QCG Productions via Facebook, Instagram and their official website—and see them in action on December 20th during Big Top Tease Vol. 8 at Dru’s Place.  

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