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A Helpful Guide For Voting in Shelby County

We’ve protested, we’ve marched, we’ve called for criminal justice reform, and now it’s time to vote!

The next Shelby County Primary/General Election will be held on August 6th. In this election you will be deciding on who will represent Shelby County in the following seats:

  • United States Senate 
  • United States House of Representative 
  • Tennessee Senate
  • Tennessee House of Representatives
  • Shelby County School board members
  • a General Sessions Court Clerk
  • and whether or not to retain the Western Divisions Court of Appeals Judge

And so you’re not out there blindly voting, Memphis Public Libraries has put together a Meet the Candidates page that you can use to get to know the people you’ll be voting for.

This can feel like a lot, so here are some helpful links and important dates:

The LAST day to register in Shelby County for the August 6th election is Tuesday July 7th!

*note that to cast a ballot in Shelby County you must be a current resident of Shelby County*

If you haven’t registered yet, registering online is quick and easy! Click here to get started!

Not sure about your voter registration status? Look it up here.

Once you’re registered, it’s time to research the candidates. Begin by learning who will be on the August 6th Ballot (note that because this is a primary, when you walk into your polling site, you will be asked if you are voting Democrat or Republican, determining which ballot you are given): 

If you want to avoid polling sites, print this absentee ballot request form and submit it before Thursday, July 30, 2020, in order to receive your August 2020 ballot—but make sure to stay in the know about how voting will go down in November. Traditionally, under Tennessee law, you would have to vote in person once before you can vote absentee. However, as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, a chancery judge has issued an injunction temporarily suspending this rule for the August 2020 election, but that might not be the case come time to vote in the fall.  This injunction will likely be decided on or before the November general election. 

If you’re comfortable voting in person, check out the list of early voting locations, dates, and times that you can cast your vote starting July 17th!

Stay up to date on information regarding the upcoming 2020 Election here.

P.S. The Shelby County Election Commission is in need of poll workers for the 2020 August and November Elections. If interested, watch the video to see what the requirements are, and apply to be a poll official here.

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