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Get to Know NexGen Darius Rosser

As more and more young Memphians are mapping out what moves to make to close in on their career goals, the NexGen internship program acts as a catalyst during their transition from pupils to professionals.

Meet Nex Gen Darius Rosser, Choose901 Alumni and graduate of The Soulsville Charter School — and current student at MTSU.

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My name is Darius Rosser, and I'm currently a NexGen fellow working at the Brooks Museum thanks to the help of Choose901. My main hobbies include watching and collecting items related to sci-fi, horror, anime, fantasy, and "what-if" content.

Here's what Darius had to say about his budding career, and his experience as a NexGen Fellow.

My “How Can I Go a Step Further” mentality makes me unique.

When I first got to university as a full-time student, I was taking six classes, but boredem set in when I finished; I just didn’t have much else to do. I got a part-time job to make money, and kill time. I, now, have two campus jobs in addition to being a full time student who is also studying to gain a real estate license.

It’s been an eventful few years. 

A group of people posing for a photo in an art gallery during Get to Know NexGen Darius Rosser event.
Some have asked,"How do you manage to do all of this?"
My response is always the same;
“I plan ahead, or wing it ‘til I make it.”

I am beginning my 3rd year at Middle Tennessee State University, studying Visual Arts with a double minor in Religious Studies and Archaeology. As mentioned earlier, I started studying real estate in my down time, and have received a core certification. I am pushing to gain my real estate license by the end of the year or the beginning of next summer. 

The past two years have been very challenging, but I signed up for that when I entered university. If I had to go back, I wouldn’t change anything. I’d just tell myself to keep looking forward to the future, and run until you reach the door—that, and maybe to study more… Wouldn’t hurt.

The person that inspires me to keep going is my mom. She has faced many hardships in her life, but she never let it keep her down. She kept fighting, and her belief in the Lord never wavered. She is the reason why I keep getting up because we won’t settle for anything less until we get the result we want. 

This mentality is one of the reasons I chose to apply for the NexGen fellowship. It would enable me to get more professional experience and actually work in an established work environment that I would like to work in. In my case, one of these environments was a museum. Currently, I am working at the Brooks Museum gaining experience in the behind-the-scenes operations of  the museum. Not only is it establishing me in a professional environment and showcasing my work ethic, but it is also enabling me to network within the museum and make friendships. 

So, if I can advise you of anything, it will be to give this program a chance. While you may not be in a position of doing what you 100% wanted to do, the experience and benefits are priceless nevertheless.

The Brooks Museum is just one of the many Memphis businesses that is investing in the future of our city through NexGen students—aka the future of Memphis’ workforce, leadership, and potential. 


Whether you’re a student looking ahead for next summer’s internship, a business interested in partnering with NexGen, or just a regular old Memphian passionate about possibilities—we’re excited you’re excited!

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