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Get Outside: Social Distancing Edition

Photo: Kate Lareau

If we’re gonna stay any sort of sane during this era of social distancing, we’re gonna to have to get active, and at least a little bit of Vitamin D. Here are our favorite ways to get outside right now while still honoring the “6 feet apart” rule:

** If you choose to go outdoors, we hope that those who do will follow the best practices outlined in the City of Memphis’ COVID-19 Safer At Home Executive Order. **

Hit the trails

Whether you want to hop on a bike or use your own two feet, there are more than enough trails in Memphis to get you moving!

**P.S. you can enjoy FREE, unlimited one-hour rides, 24/7, until April 21st with Explore Bike Share!

Pack a Picnic

Grab your boo or your family, find your own space, and lay out a picnic breakfast or lunch. From East Memphis all the way to West Memphis, there are some incredible places to enjoy the perfect picnic. Check out Elmwood Cemetery for an unconventional spot (you won’t believe the natural beauty and the trees), or check out our list of picnic spots with food options to match.

Camp out

Does it feel like your walls are closing in on you? What you could use is some fresh air, and a reset. There are a number of campsites still open, like Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park and T.O. Fuller State Park, that would be perfect for your tiny group of 2. Trying to stay home entirely? Pitch your tent in your own backyard!

Visit the Cherry Blossom Trees

The cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, and you can find them in most local neighborhoods and parks. Take a walk to see how many of these stunning beauties you can find (and note that they make a perfect photo op!).

Enjoy outdoor art

Explore Bike Share in Memphis

Photo: Luke Pruett

You might as well see something pretty while you take that quick stroll. There are so many Memphis murals that are colorful enough to brighten your day, and Memphis Art Project has created a resource to help you find them all. 

Watch the sunset

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After a long day of social distancing, there’s nothing more beautiful than looking out a sunset. Find a park, use your patio, or hunker down on your stoop—and settle in to see some pretty colors dance in the sky. 

Animal therapy

Who can look at a duckling or puppy without feeling better?  Take your dog for a walk, visit the bison at Shelby Farms, or watch the geese land at a local park. And if you’re really needing purpose these next few weeks, why not use the time you have to bond with a new dog altogether? Alive Rescue Memphis, Real Good Dog Rescue, and MAS have some of the cutest, sweetest, rescues we’ve seen!

Play by a river

The Mighty Mississippi and Wolf River both provide opportunities for fitness and fun with a view, and there’s nothing more therapeutic than the sound of rolling water–plain and simple. 

No matter where you choose to enjoy the outdoors in Memphis, be sure to post pictures of your adventures and hashtag #choose901 so we can be inspired by all that creativity!

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