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Get Out & Active: Overton Park Shell Health & Wellness Series

Thanks to the Overton Park Shell Health & Wellness Series, Memphians not only have a means to move and groove to live tunes—BUT ALSO get after those gains to reach those goals.

What started as a pandemic partnership between Baptist Medical Network and local fitness experts has turned into annual line-up of classes promoting healthy practices. 

The logo for the Overton Park Shell's Health & Wellness podcast.

Activate your beast mode this month during the Shell Health & Wellness Series.

Featuring a line-up of free, weekly fitness activities, the Shell Health Wellness Series is centered around discovering new ways to tend to your mind, body, and spirit. 


  • August 6: Goat Yoga (1PM-4PM)
  • August  7: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • August  14: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • August  19th: Cardi-O at the Shell (9:30AM-10:30AM)
  • August 21st: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • August 27th: Mental Fitness at the Shell (4PM-5PM)
  • August 28th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • September 11th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • September 18th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • September 25th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • October 2nd: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • October 9th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • October 16th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • October 23rd: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)
  • October 30th: Twilight Yoga & Pilates (5:30PM-6:30PM)

New classes and workshops will be added to the Shell Health and Wellness Series line-up, so make sure to keep an eye out for even more announcements!


And if you like what you see, let them know by donating to the Shell so they can continue in their mission of providing free programming to build the community!

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