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Spillit Prom is coming to 409 S. Main on Thursday, April 21st.

Find Your Date for Spillit Prom

Break out those boutonnieres and corsages! Here’s your opportunity to relive, or redo, one of those “high school glory days.” Here’s your ticket to Spillit Prom 2022!

"We all have a story and there's no better narrator to tell it than ourselves."
Josh Campbell
Spillit Creative Director

On April 21st, you’re invited to get all gussied up for an evening of elegance and exchanging stories as 10 Memphians take to the mic for a chance at being crowned Spillit Prom King & Queen. 

If you want to see your name on the “ballot,” all you gotta do is come ready to share; be it a story about your prom experience, young love, or the like. 

Who will be crowned Spillit Prom King & Queen?

Even if you don’t want to “Spillit,” you can listen in as others do—and who knows. Maybe the complimentary drink will encourage you to follow in their footsteps. 

spillit prom details:

Are you ready to Spillit at Spillit Prom?
  • When: April 21st from 6:30PM-10PM
  • Where: 409 S. Main
  • Tickets: $37.50
    • Your ticket comes with a complimentary drink and a dinner buffet catered by Black Sheep Catering
    • It wouldn’t be a prom without dancing, so prepare to party on after dinner is served!
    • Purchase tickets here

Since 2010, Spillit Memphis has been bringing folks together for storytelling saloons all over the city.

Photo: Jamie Harmon (@amuricaworld)

With three main events—Center Stage, Slam, and Grand Slam—Spillit creates safe spaces and forums for those that are shy and outspoken to explore ways to share pieces of themselves with others. 

“I think that Memphis has the best storytellers in the world,” Campbell said. “The people in this city have plenty of stories to tell. They just don’t know that everybody else wants to hear them.”

“To me, this is about helping people find their voices over and over again.”


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