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Photo: Brooks Museum's Evanescent Exhibit

Evanescent Exhibit Brings Bubbles to the Brooks Museum

From giant bunnies to drizzly sculptures, the Brooks Museum has brought a diverse range of larger-than-life exhibits to their plaza in Overton Park—and come September 30th, a new immersive experience, Evanescent, is popping up for a short period of time.


From September 30th to October 21, Evanescent will illuminate the grounds—day and night.

Created by Atelier Sisu, a design firm based in Sydney, Australia, Evanescent uses natural and artificial light to create a dynamic show of colorful choreography. Oversized bubble clusters—covered in dichronic film—work as a canvas, catching the rainbows rays from all angles.

As the sun shines down, the film refracts, organically creating a courtyard of iridescent spheres. At nightfall, the colors come from within, as light dances to “an ethereal soundscape.”

Evanescent is your invitation to explore “the transience of the natural world” —the impermanence of being.

Bubbles only exist for a brief moment. Light is in a constant state of flux as it interacts with the space it spreads through—and we, as people, regulate and react to those ever-changing variables every single day.

That’s my interpretation at least. Discover yours. 

Learn more about Evanescent here.

Add Evanescent to your calendar here.  


A flyer for an evanescent exhibit at Club House Zen.

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