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Crosstown Shopping

Looking to treat yourself in Memphis? You're in luck - Crosstown is teaming with places to shop!

From pharmacies to nail bars to floral-inspired gifts, the Crosstown area has a number of different shopping experiences to offer! Our guide to the shops at Crosstown is here to help you pick the best places to find what you need: 

Places to Shop

Mili's Flowers and Gifts

Mili’s Flowers and Gifts has a talent for making gifts for any occasion that your loved ones will surely remember. Located in Crosstown Concourse, Mili’s is a great option for getting your friends and family something nice!

Focal POint

Focal Point at Crosstown Concourse specializes in all things vision-related. Their mission is to help their clients live well, and they do a fantastic job. They offer a variety of consultation services as well as many different kinds of eyewear. If you pay them a visit, you’ll be in good hands!

Gloss Nail Bar

Gloss Nail Bar guarantee the highest quality products, professionalism, and consistent satisfaction for all of its clients. They provide blissful massages, relaxing massages, and pamper your nails while serving great drinks from their extensive menu of fine wines and cocktails. Be sure to give them at try!

Dawg Team

People aren’t the only ones who need to shop! Dawg Team offers a wide variety of products for dogs including treats, collars, and so much more. If you’re walking your dog in the crosstown area you know where to go!

My City Rides

Not only can My City Rides help you finance a brand-new motorized scooter with affordable monthly payments, but they will provide you with gear and teach you how to ride it too! Their mission is to make transportation easier for all Memphians, so definitely check out their website when you have a chance! 

Hero and Sage Salon

With a professional and friendly staff that can help with anything you might need – Hero and Sage Salon is one of the best salons in and around Crosstown. They do a great job with any kind of hair, so if you need a haircut and happen to be in Crosstown, check them out!

Madison Pharmacy

They say that if you live in the Crosstown area, you never have to leave! Madison Pharmacy is a good example of why. They have everything from shampoo to a variety of medications to help you go about your day healthily and safely! 

Diane's Art Gift and Home

If your goal is to be featured in the next issue of your favorite interior design magazine or get a memorable gift for your best friend that they’ll love, then you should absolutely visit Diane’s Art Gift and Home! They have art from local Memphians, clothes, and so much more!

Black Lodge

Black Lodge is a carefully curated cinema library and one of the few video rental stores left in the United States! With hundreds of thousands of blu-rays and DVDs to choose from, you’ll never run of of things to watch! 

Guest post by Choose901 intern Harry Dircks

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