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Scallops at Ecco Restaurant in Crosstown neighborhood
Thanks to this Crosstown Food & Drink guide, you can take your taste buds on a journey (Photo: Ecco)

Crosstown Food & Drink

Crosstown has quickly become a cultural hub of Memphis, and we're excited to share what it has to offer!

Thanks to this Crosstown Food & Drink guide, you can take your taste buds on a journey. From craft cocktails to international cuisine, see what culinary experiences await you below:

REstaurants & Bars


Founded in 1993, Abner’s Famous Chicken is one of the most delicious, exciting restaurant chains in and around Memphis. You can’t go wrong with anything on this menu, so make sure to stop by at its location in Crosstown Concourse when you visit!

The Curb Market

Affordable food, quality groceries, and fantastic service. Those are just a few things that you will find at the Curb Market at Crosstown Concourse! With countless options to choose from including hot lunches, cold cut sandwiches, and fresh produce, there’s nothing you won’t be able to find here. If you need a place to stop and get a quick lunch, you know where to go!

French Truck Coffee

French Truck Coffee has quickly become a staple of the Memphis coffee scene after having hosted pop-ups at big Memphis events such as BBQ fest, 901 day, and several others. It is also beloved Crosstown spot. They offer a variety of coffees and pastries sourced from around the globe, so if you have the time it’s definitely worth a trip!

Global Café

Global Café is a melting pot of many different cuisines from around the world. By imploring the help of immigrant and refugee culinary entrepreneurs from around the world, Global Café can offer guests affordable meals from the chefs’ home countries that results in an eclectic, vibrant experience you’ll never forget.

Lucy J's Bakery

Want a snickerdoodle cookie sandwich or a delicious slice of freshly made oreo cheesecake? Well do we have the bakery for you. Lucy J’s Bakery at Crosstown Concourse offers a variety of tasty treats, and they do it by employing members of the Memphis community who are transitioning or have already transitioned from a period of homelessness. With great treats and an even greater mission to support, you simply must give Lucy J’s a try!

Pizzeria Trasimeno

Pizzeria Trasimeno has the best hand-crafted neapolitan pizza this side of the Atlantic! Named after Trasimene, an area between Florence and Rome, Pizzeria Trasimeno is the best place for Memphians to get a taste of Italy. With fresh ingredients prepared daily, there was no question this place would claim a spot on our list!

Wolf River Brisket

If there’s anyone who takes their briskey seriously, it’s Wolf River Brisket Co. at Crosstown Concourse. They smoke each brisket for around 18 hours, resulting in the product for their guests. They happen to have some seriously great sides, too. If you want a gourmet dining experience that will leave you satisfied but also wanting more, you gotta go to Wolf River. 

Café Eclectic

Right around the corner from Crosstown Concourse is where you’ll find one of the best coffee shops in Memphis, Café Eclectic! The have a fantastic menu, great coffee, and a new porch right outside so you can enjoy the beautiful weather while you sip on a cup of Joe. We also recommend trying their fried chicken sandwich, you won’t regret it!


Tonica is the pinnacle of the Tapas restaurant experience, and it’s right here in Memphis! This cool, refreshing spot has plenty of decadent mixed drinks and dishes that you won’t soon forget. If you want to have a fun, memorable dining experience with a party of at least six, then Tonica is perfect for you!

The Grilled Asparagus

Hosted by celebrity chef Christopher Beavers, The Grilled Asparagus restaurant is a fantastic private venue where you can host your own events, invite them cater at your location, or enjoy some legendary cooking.

Reservations are required, and in our humble opinion, they are strongly recommended. 

The Grilled Asparagus

Dino’s Grill on North McLean is a staple of Memphis’ Italian cuisine for many reasons. A few of those reasons include all-you-can-eat Spaghetti nights on Thursdays after 5:00 pm and their famous cheese sticks among other fantastic dishes. If you want Italian, you gotta make a trip to Dino’s!

Vien Dong Restaurant

Known for having some of the best spring rolls in Memphis, Vien Dong Restaurant has become an essential part of Vietnamese cuisine in Memphis. They’re very convenient when it comes to lunch and dinner, and like so many of the other spots on this list, the staff are known for being super friendly. Make sure you visit and let us know what you think!

Alex's Tavern

Alex’s Tavern is much more than a bar. It has a great food menu, feels like home, and is the perfect place to try out some new music! Be sure to try their famous burgers and ribs while you’re their, but be careful – we’ve heard they can put you into a “meat coma”…

Art Bar

Art Bar is a speakeasy brimming with cute, artsy vibes that features cutting-edge wines and a cocktail menu with plenty of local ingredients. You can also submit your art to be featured in the bar top for everyone to see! Need we say more? 

Crosstown Brewing Co.

If a vibrant, dynamic social atmosphere is what you’re looking for, then Crosstown Brewing Co. should be at the top of your list of places to visit. Original beverages from their cutting-edge brewery and a beautiful location result in a delightful experience for guests. We strongly recommend trying a beer flight when you go… they’re pretty great!

Farm BUrger

It’s important to know that Farm Burger is able to deliver high quality meals while raising its cattle humanely and sustainably. Farm Burger raises its cattle on sweet grass with no growth hormones or antibiotics whatsoever. With a diverse, organically-sourced menu that never disappoints, Farm Burger stands out among the burger spots in the Crosstown area and does it in a kind and sustainable way!


Refreshments have never felt so clean, cool, or fun! Mempops offers a variety of fruit and cream pops that are known for having deliciously unique flavors that will surely leave a smile on your face. Mempops can also cater any kind of event to bring an unparalleled sweetness to the occasion. Be sure to visit!


Popcorn at Pop-a-Roos in Crosstown Concourse

The first thing you notice the moment you enter the main atrium at Crosstown Concourse is the sweet smell of… popcorn! Pop-A-Roo’s offers a wide range of popcorn flavors that are sure to leave you wanting more next time you order popcorn at your local movie theatre. Make sure you grab a bag on your way in or out of crosstown!

India Palace

With great prices, fantastic food, and a staff known for its friendliness, India Palace is the place to be if you’re craving some naan and chicken tikka masala! A cornerstone of the Memphis culinary scene, India Palace has earned its spot as the preeminent Indian restaurant of Memphis. 

Energy Famous Pasta

Energy Famous Pasta has one of the most eclectic, and consistently stellar, menus in all of Memphis! They have something for everyone. Incredible pasta, quesadillas, chicken tenders, and so much more provide for a very satisfying dining experience with a great atmosphere! Not to mention their famous seafood pasta is the stuff of legend… 

Phuong Long

Memphis is known for its excellent Vietnamese cuisine, and Phuong Long is no exception. For many, this place has become their go-to spot for Vietnamese-Chinese fusion food, and for good reason. Phuong Long has a very comfortable atmosphere, incredibly friendly staff, and a menu that is fantastic through and through. You just can’t go wrong with any of the dishes here!

Ecco on Overton Park

Sidewalk seating, a dynamic cocktail menu, and seasonal dishes make eating at Ecco on Overton Park an experience to remember. Their new and exciting take on a classic American Bistro allows you to try some new food while feeling comfortably at home. It’s quite a nice environment, and the fantastic menu provides a delightful assist. 

Hot-N-Heavy Dogs

On Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 am – 3:30 pm, you can find Memphis’ famous Hot-N-Heavy Dogs either downtown or on the corner of Union & Main. This mobile Chicago-style hot dog vendor is a real powerhouse when it comes to American cuisine. If you aren’t sold already, their buns are prepared daily by the Memphis Cookie Corner, and they’re available for private events! 


Taqueria el Burrito Express

Wondering where to find authentic, delicious Mexican cuisine in the Crosstown area? Look no further than Taqueria El Burrito Express! Located right across from Crosstown Concourse, you’re bound to have a fantastic meal here. Don’t forget to check out their $1 tacos!

Flip SIde

Flip Side has everything you could want in a restaurant and bar. It’s got pinball, darts, a latin-inspired menu, a fresh bar with great drinks, and so much more. If you want quick service and a laid back vibe in the Crosstown area, this is the place to be!

Hi tone

Want to go to a concert but need some great food and drinks? Make sure you visit Hi-Tone Café! With a variety of events such as concerts and a mouth-watering food menu with incredible American cuisine, this place is the perfect spot to get food, have fun, and enjoy the show!

Guest post by Choose901 intern Harry Dircks

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