Pinball Machines at Flipside bar in Crosstown neighborhood
What's better than a pinball bar? (Photo: Flipside)

Crosstown Entertainment

Calling all lovers of film, music, and art! Crosstown has got something in store for you...

Our guide to Crosstown is here to help you find cutting-edge entertainment experiences in Memphis that will command your attention and broaden your horizons. Here are a few of the fun things you can check out today:


Memphis LIstening Lab

The Memphis Listening Lab is one of the coolest experiences Memphis has to offer! Walk in, pick an album, and get transported back to the time before streaming dominated the music scene. With over twenty thousand records to choose from, you’re bound to find something you like when you go to the Listening Lab.

Crosstown Art Galleries

The Crosstown Art Galleries is one of Memphis’ most exciting spots for art enthusiasts. The galleries have been home to a variety of local, national, and international artists who have refined their craft a wide variety of artforms. If you’re into anything arts-related, we strongly encourage visiting! And make sure you take a photo on the big red stairs…

New Spark PErforming ARts

The mission of New Spark Performing Arts is to nurture the artistic expression of young people in Memphis, and they do a great job! Make sure to donate and support their mission. And hey, if you want to, why not audition?

Hi Tone Café

Want to go to a concert but need some great food and drinks? Make sure you visit Hi-Tone Café! With a variety of events such as concerts and a mouth-watering food menu with incredible American cuisine, this place is the perfect spot to get food, have fun, and enjoy the show!


WYXR is much more than just the source of the atmospheric music you hear echoing throughout the main atrium at Crosstown. Memphis’ nonprofit radio station also has great programming from local artists and music enthusiasts, and they provide a platform to educate people about local news, issues, and ways to get involved!

Crosstown Theater

Hosted by Crosstown Arts, the Crosstown Theater has everything: showing of films from the Sundance Film Festival, legendary bands such as electronic pioneers Kraftwerk, and incredible nighttime social events like the Big Gay Dance Party! If you’re looking to have a good time in Memphis but don’t know where to go, the Crosstown Theater is a great bet. 

The Green Room

The Green Room offers unique music events without the typical barriers between artist and audience. It is surrounded by Crosstown Arts’ bar, café, and galleries. Needless to say, this is a pretty comprehensive arts experience that we strongly recommend!

Black Lodge

DVD Rentals at Black Lodge

Black Lodge is a carefully curated cinema library and one of the few video rental stores left in the United States! With hundreds of thousands of blu-rays and DVDs to choose from, you’ll never run of of things to watch. They also have plenty of fun concerts and other events to attend whenever you’re in town!

Flip Side

Flip Side has everything you could want in a restaurant and bard. It’s got pinball, darts, a latin-inspired menu, a fresh bar with great drinks, and so much more. If you want quick service and a laid back vibe in the Crosstown area, this is the place to be!

Guest post by Choose901 intern Harry Dircks

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