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The Importance of Having and Being a Mentor

Mentors are important because they can provide you with knowledge and insight from the experiences they’ve been had over the course of their life, professionally and personally. The wisdom shared by a mentor can help you avoid some of the same mistakes, and ultimately help you excel at a much higher rate than you would without the guidance of a mentor.

The great thing about having a mentor is they aren’t getting paid, so they’re not obligated to help you. They’re driven to help you be successful because they care deeply. For that same reason, it’s just as important to be a mentor. There are 1 in 3 students who DON’T have a mentor. If students don’t have someone positive to look up to who can provide that insight and guidance, then they’re more likely to engage in deviant behavior. There’s incredible value in both having a mentor and being a mentor. Oprah Winfrey said,” A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” Get Hope, Give Hope.

How To Get a Mentor

  1. Identify an individual who you could see yourself as in the future — someone who has excelled in life personally and professionally or someone who possess knowledge and experiences that you could learn from.
  2. Ask them if they could be your mentor. (Don’t be afraid to ask thinking they won’t have the time or would say no)
  3. Follow-up with the person and show your gratitude for being your mentor. Don’t be afraid to open up to them and let them in on your life so they can give you the best possible advice personally and professionally.
  4. If they say no, Repeat the steps. It’s also okay to have more than one mentor.

How to Become a Mentor

    1. Identify a young person or a program to get involved in that you could impact in a positive way. 
    2. Ask that young person if they’d like you to be their mentor, or Apply to a program and follow the application requirements.
    3. Figure out the areas of improvement that you’ll want to address together (if not provided by program). Decide together where you can help your mentee excel in life personally and professionally.

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