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The Choose901 Alumni Program: Connecting Local Talent with Unique Opportunities


As people decide to Choose901, one topic comes up over and over again: work.

There are two big misconceptions about the great city of Memphis: First, that there’s a lack of opportunity for young, up-and-coming professionals here. And second, that there isn’t enough young talent for local and regional employers. However, neither of these things is actually true: Not only is there a deep well of talent here in Memphis, but this city is also brimming with exciting opportunities for young people–whether they want to work in education, tech, media, or whatever you can imagine. Memphis is home to some of the most uniquely talented, creative, and hard-working individuals in the country. That’s where we get the “grind” in our favorite motto: Grit. Grind.

Myth 1: There are no career opportunities for young professionals in Memphis

There’s no better evidence of this than the recent Choose901 Job Fair, held conveniently at the Crosstown Concourse–a building that is itself a tribute to a city on the rise. Representing over 80 regional employers and roughly 500 job seekers, the job fair was hugely successful in aligning local talent with exciting opportunities:

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In the video above, Breunna Lovett, a Soulsville Charter School alumna, said she was “[blown] away” by the job fair. Lovett is a great example of a Memphis success story: having grown up in Memphis schools, she now has a degree in Political Science and English and teaches kindergarten at Memphis Business Academy. Joi Taylor, Alumni Coordinator at City Leadership, says that “after Breunna was introduced to MTR (Memphis Teacher Residency) Camp, she fell in love with Memphis once again and education.”

Myth 2: Young professionals do not want to live in Memphis

The job fair was also a great opportunity for over 80 employers to connect on a personal level with skilled job-seekers. Raysa Vesquez (Talent Acquisitions Specialist at ALSAC/St. Jude) explains: “If we come together and collaborate as a community a lot more, we’re able to share that consistent message on how great Memphis really is.”

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How do we keep job-seekers from leaving Memphis?

For job-seekers, we know that quality of life, low cost of living, and the most delicious barbecue in the world can’t make up for a job that isn’t a match for your talents and interests, or doesn’t pay enough.

For businesses seeking reliable, skilled employees, we recognize that a great product and the perfect location only matter if you’ve got an outstanding workforce.

At Choose901, we hear stories from both sides, employers and job-seekers, and we can’t help but play matchmaker. Because the truth is that there are incredible jobs in Memphis–and incredible people looking for those jobs–but sometimes they can’t find each other.

Our young people leave for other cities in search of worthwhile opportunities, and our companies and organizations lose out on some of our best and brightest homegrown talent.

So, how do we connect Memphis employers and job-seekers to each other and disrupt the talent drain?

We founded the Choose901 Alumni Program to do just that.  We do this through partnerships with businesses large and small, and by working with a core group of Memphis area elementary, middle and high schools with alumni counselors who provide additional support.

The Choose901 Alumni Program invests in local talent through one-on-one coaching, guidance, and network development, all to encourage and equip participants to reach their greatest heights in Memphis. Our goal is to create effective leaders who will pour their talents back into the city.  

These alumni are the real thing: bright, driven, outstanding young Memphians who want to invest in and enjoy their hometown.


The Choose901 Alumni program recently hosted an event to introduce local talent with Memphis influencers. Read about it on our City Leadership blog. 


Are you hiring? Get in touch. We have some friends we’d like you to meet.

Seeking employment? Check out our jobs page.


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Contact the Alumni Program:

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Alumni Coordinator


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Alumni Coordinator


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