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2 Ways You Can Help All 4s Rescue League

Did you know that more dogs run away on July 4th than any other day of the year? Those loud fireworks the neighbors tend to shoot off at all hours of the night cause pups everywhere to unpredictably bolt in fear. So keep your dogs inside and then find a way to support Memphians helping these dogs and others through All 4s Rescue League.

Let’s be honest. You’re really still reading this because those pups are the cutest things you’ve ever seen. Even if you’re a Grinch, your heart is now officially 3 times bigger.

These are all dogs helped by the All 4s Rescue League. The organization’s founder, Suzy Hollenbach, has been helping animals for well over a decade, and 5 years ago, she decided to make her work an official nonprofit. She and her team “improve the lives of pets in Memphis communities by educating pet owners and providing adequate shelter, food, supplies and spay and neuter services for their pets at no charge.” They also help educate pet owners on how to best care for their 4 legged creatures.

“We encourage people to view their dog as a member of the family, not just physical property.”

-Suzy Hollenbach

All 4s Rescue League focuses on approaching neighborhoods in a positive way, offering to teach pet owners how to best take care of their pets and offering their services free of charge. The organization helps meet the needs of animals and their families by providing leashes, dog houses, vaccines, spay/neutering, and more.

This nonprofit certainly has their work cut out for them. Because they do amazing work, the requests for their help have increased significantly. In addition, the pandemic has affected this nonprofit in many ways, and they now need our help more than ever.

All 4s Rescue League needs everything from volunteers to doghouses to donations. Here’s how you can help:


  • We know there are lots of dog-lovers out there ready to roll up their sleeves and love on these precious animals! If you feel comfortable visiting neighborhoods and families that need help with their pets, you can volunteer to do just that.
  • All 4s is looking for individuals who have fundraising or event planning skills and are willing to offer their time.


  • You can give financially to help All 4s Rescue League provide much-needed help to pet-owners. This literally saves the lives of dogs in Memphis! You can even give creatively by:
    • Sponsoring a spay/neuter.
    • Donating a doghouse in honor or in memory of someone.
  • Donate items
    • The organization’s Amazon wishlist can be found here and items ordered will be sent directly to Suzy and her team.
    • All 4s Rescue League is always looking for doghouse, leash, and collar donations.

To learn more about All 4s Rescue League, visit their Facebook page here. WARNING: Page is difficult not to “like.” You’ll be scrolling through pictures that will fill your heart up, reading stories that will break your heart, and seeing dogs helped and loved that will have you cheering from behind your screen!

To volunteer, donate, or contact All 4s Rescue League, please contact Blair Terry at 901-674-4538.

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