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10-Year-Old Opens Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade Store in Hickory Ridge Town Center & Secures Partnership with FedExForum

B Chill Lemonade’s storefront location is open for business, located inside Hickory Ridge Mall.

When she was only six years old, Kinyah Bean’s dad challenged her to have her own company by the age of 10.  B Chill Lemonade officially opened to the public in April 2019 inside the mall, and it was recently announced that the 10-year-old entrepreneur has secured a partnership with the FedExForum!

The vibrant tween poured her first glass of lemonade in January 2017. After realizing that she had a knack for lemonade-making, she began posting flyers in her community. Soon after, the orders started coming in and the business quickly flourished.

What started as a way to make extra money to pay for guitar lessons has blossomed into a highly sought after business, garnering national attention for Bean. She’s been featured in publications across the country, published a book to rave reviews, and is now expanding her business with the new storefront location. An impressive resume for a 10-year-old, who says she’s just getting started.

We spoke to the young CEO about her famous homemade lemonade, the secret to her success, and what’s next for her company.

You recently hosted your grand opening for B Chill and now you’re open for business. How does it feel to have your own store?

I love it. Not many 10-year-olds can say that they have their own store. I am getting a chance to be able to do this, a once in a lifetime opportunity—well we don’t know that, but I knew that I had to take this up. I am so excited to be able to say that I have my own store. That’s so amazing. When I got the keys to my store, I said I was holding the key to my future.

B Chill is a naturally, freshly squeezed lemonade company. Everything is fresh. We have a variety of flavors to choose from, and they’re all natural ingredients. It’s really a special recipe. I would say that our lemonade is the best in the whole, entire world. And you know why I’m saying it? Because it also shows people that I am very confident in my business.

– Kinyah Bean, B Chill Lemonade, Owner

Your lemonade has received a lot of attention. When did you first realize that your recipe was unique?

When I was eight, I made a glass of lemonade at home and set it on the counter in the kitchen. I left out for a few minutes and when I came back my dad had drunk it all. He said he would go and buy me another one from the store. He thought it came from Chick-fil-a. I told him that I made it and he was surprised.

You’re really ambitious. Where did your drive to succeed come from?

My determination came from my parents because they worked hard to make sure my brother and I are taken care of, even when it’s hard. My mother has made a lot of sacrifices for me. She even left her dream job for me. Seeing them work hard and push hard made me think that I can do this.

How do you manage school and being a business owner?

My education comes first. I go to school and then come to the store. And I have a tutor that comes to the store to make sure I stay on top of that. My education will determine what happens to me and my company.

You also published your first book, Chillin’ My Way to Success!: The Phenomenal Life of an Eighty-Year-Old Entrepreneur.” What’s the book about?

My book is about how I created B. Chill Lemonade and creating a blueprint for my generation, inspiring them to become entrepreneurs. I tell people if a 10-year-old can open her own business, you know that anything is possible. I’ve done a few book signings. I even did one in Los Angeles and here in Memphis.

What defines success for you as a young business owner?

I define success by how you are able to push through, and being able to look at yourself and being proud of what you’ve accomplished.

What’s next for you and B Chill?

I want to grow my business but also go to college and become a dentist. My motto is that you give them some sugar now and they’ll need you later.

B Chill is located inside Hickory Ridge Mall. The store is open Monday-Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM.

For more information on B Chill, visit their website or follow Kinyah’s journey on Facebook.

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