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A Memphis Scholars Inspiring Journey

Woodyard REalty Scholarship continues to impact Memphians

Embark with us on the next chapter of our inspiring series as we continue to spotlight the incredible individuals touched by the Woodyard Realty Scholarship. We are thrilled to present the second installment and another compelling narrative shaped by the power of education and community impact. Join us as we shine a spotlight on yet another deserving individual who embodies the ethos of the Woodyard Realty Scholarship.

Meet Gaby Medrano—Memphis native & first Gen College student

Her narrative is not just about personal achievement. It is a testament to the power of education as a catalyst for community impact. 

Gaby is a first-generation college student whose roots are grounded in Memphis, Tennessee, but bears the richness of her Mexican heritage. Her educational journey, and specifically her college and higher education trajectory, was fostered at the Collegiate School of Memphis. The team at Collegiate is passionate about establishing an early appreciation of learning. Their goal is to provide an advanced, college-preparatory curriculum, all while working toward academic growth and achievement. 

While attending Collegiate, Gaby could dream of many different potential futures, but all centered around impacting her community. Upon Graduation, she decided to stay in her hometown and attend Rhodes College. This decision fulfilled her desire for a tight-knit community and personalized support. Two things that are are crucial for any student navigating uncharted territories.

As a graduate of Collegiate, Gaby is also a Choose901: Alumni! The Choose901:  Alumni program provides resources that cultivate Alumni’s talent, support them throughout their careers, and connects them with businesses and opportunities in Memphis. 


Gaby identifies her mother as an essential inspiration and motivation for her leap into higher education. Her sense of responsibility, which she attributes to admiration of her mother’s hard work, propels her forward.

Deciding to pursue higher education has dispelled personal doubts about abilities and has become a pivotal point for self-discovery and confidence building. Gaby now feels confident she is headed in the right direction as Graduation is on the horizon this May.

Beyond Business: A Purpose-Driven Path

Choosing a business degree was a natural progression for Gaby. One that was shaped by her childhood experiences accompanying her mother at her work as a cashier. She was able to see firsthand the importance of her mother’s role in handling the financial responsibilities of a business. This nurtured her business acumen from a young age. 

Gaby now identifies her pursuit of a business degree as an opportunity to understand the day-to-day organizational operations of a business and while maximizing efficiency and revenue.

Unexpected Turns, Fulfilling Discoveries

The resonance Gaby felt with the business world was a conscious decision to leverage education for community upliftment. Gaby believes her professional compass aligns with the administrative and financial aspects of nonprofit organizations.

Gaby has continued to develop her abilities and skills throughout her time at Rhodes. She worked with the Interfaith Office and Latinx Student Association, which proved to be a fulfilling and developmental experience. This experience led her to an inadvertent foray into event coordination. This further honed her problem-solving skills, transforming her into a quick and creative thinker. Professional development like this will make her a valuable asset in Memphis’s dynamic world of nonprofits.

A Calling in Healthcare

Most recently, Gaby held an internship at ALSAC/St. Jude which has proven to be formative in her post-grad plans. This experience, working to raise funds for the hospital that saved a childhood friend’s life, rekindled her passion for healthcare.

Gaby now envisions a future in healthcare management and contemplates a master’s program in health informatics. She sees this as a seamless blend of her her business-oriented mind and her interest in the intricacies of healthcare administration.

Impacting Memphis: Gaby's Community Pledge

Gaby’s future has developed differently from her initial high school expectations. However, armed with education and experience, she is crafting a solid foundation for a career with nonprofit organizations. Her ultimate goal is to contribute to causes she deeply cares about.

Through it all, Gaby’s commitment to Memphis is unwavering. The Woodyard Realty Scholarship is a bridge for her to utilize acquired skills in aiding nonprofits dedicated to community service. While her heart leans towards healthcare, Gaby envisions a broader canvas where her education becomes a tool for holistic community betterment.

Encouragement for Aspiring Minds

In Gaby’s words, obstacles are merely stepping stones, not roadblocks. Her message to those treading a similar path is grounded in resilience and purpose. Dreams may evolve, and paths may twist, but understanding the roots behind aspirations can unveil unconventional yet fulfilling opportunities. 

Gaby’s story is an encouragement to embrace uncharted and transforming challenges into stepping stones.

Woodyard Realty Scholarship: A Gateway to Dreams

Gaby Medrano’s journey with the Woodyard Realty Scholarship unfolds a narrative of personal triumph and illuminates the potential within scholarship programs to nurture dreams and foster community impact. 

Through Gaby’s eyes, Memphis becomes a canvas where education, aspirations, and community service converge, creating a mosaic of inspiration for future generations.

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