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Photo: @savibelle

MadAir Decks Ties Together Local Art and Skate Culture

What began as a source of transportation for Memphian Madison Harrison transformed into a passion project. Harrison launchedMadAir Decks, a custom longboard and skateboard deck business that provides an avenue for Mid-South artists and skate culture to come together.   

Anyone who is able to channel their vision and turn it into a reality, is a person to be admired. And that’s just who Madison Harrison is. She is a hard-working, boss babe who has created a growing brand all while she’s a full time student and worker.

Harrison saw a lack of community for skaters and wanted to change that. She launched MadAir Decks, and through designing decks and collaborating with local artists, she was able to provide an avenue for creatives and skaters alike. The mission now brings local creatives together through collaboration, individual expression, networking and profit.

MadAir Decks Founder, Madison Harrison

Madison remembers the way the business began:

“I started long boarding as my main source of transportation a few years back. I was surrounded by friends who were artists and that’s when the idea came to me. I was long boarding and working so closely with artists already, that I wanted to combine both of those worlds. I wanted to support local artists and tie it together with skate culture.”

Photo: @savibelle

Thus, the concept of MadAir Decks was born in 2015, and continues to thrive today. Harrison explained the design process:  

“MadAir supplies the blank decks and artists get them for free. Usually, the artists are given creative freedom as long as the board remains rideable. Then, the MadAir logo is placed on top and covered by a clear cover rather than a traditional black grip tape. Once they are finished, they are featured at events for a set rate.” 

The decks are unique canvases that can serve the skating community as well, because not only can they be used for skateboarding and long boarding, they are also pieces of art that can be displayed with a wall mount. 

MadAir Decks currently does not have a brick and mortar location, but rather hosts events to promote and sell their decks. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has affected the small business’ ability to host events, but the decks and merch are still available on their website

Harrison encourages people of any age to pick up a board and try cruising on a longboard or skateboard. The longboarding girl boss herself says no one is too “old” to pick up this hobby!

Stay tuned for what MadAir Decks has in store by following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

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