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A woman dressed in colorful feathers is dancing at Memphis Latin Fest.
Celebrate Latin Heritage Month in Memphis, TN!

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Cazateatro Theatre

Hispanic Heritage Month provides a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and explore the rich culture and history of the Latinx community. And what better way to do so in Memphis than with the Cazateatro Theatre Company, the only local bilingual theatre group in Tennessee?

Cazateatro Theatre is well-known for their captivating performances that reflect the vibrant culture, traditions, and folklore of Latin America. Their productions not only entertain but also educate, offering a window into the diverse Latinx heritage.

In marking Hispanic Heritage Month, Cazateatro Theatre has an exciting lineup of performances and workshops. These events are a celebration of authentic Latin culture and a testament to the group’s commitment to creating an inclusive community space.

A festive poster for the latin fest.


In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Cazateatro Theatre is going above and beyond by hosting the much-anticipated Latin Fest. From vibrant parades and traditional Latin music to delicious food and a colorful arts and crafts market, the free Latin Fest has something for everyone. It's an event that encapsulates the essence of Latin culture, right here in Memphis.

Get involved with Cazateatro

Cazateatro Theatre is not just about theatre performances. Its contributions to Memphis extend beyond the stage, as it offers a multitude of programs and services that are designed to foster a deeper appreciation and understanding of Latin culture.

Learn more about getting involved with Cazateatro here.

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