Wiseacre Heated Patio

Heated Patios in Memphis

Winter has arrived, and it’s cold outside…but we can’t gather indoors. Lucky for us, a number of local spots have turned up the heat in their outdoor spaces.

Loflin Yard Heated Patio

Downtown Memphis

Bedrock Eats and Sweets has a new covered with patio with heaters on request (327 S Main St).

Comeback Coffee has a heated courtyard patio (358 N Main St).

Loflin Yard has fire pits placed all over their space (7 W Carolina Ave).

Mommas Bar has an enclosed, heated patio (855 Kentucky St).

Silky’s O’ Sullivans has plenty of heated patio seating (183 Beale St).

Sunrise Memphis has a great heated patio (670 Jefferson Ave).

Wiseacre Brewing Company’s downtown location has multiple heaters set up on their patio.

Beauty Shop Heated Patio

Midtown Memphis

Beauty Shop has igloos and greenhouse seating for outdoor dining (966 Cooper St #5611).

Bounty on Broad has heaters and private sections for social distance dining (2519 Broad Ave).

Central BBQ Central is working to get heaters installed as we speak (2249 Central Ave).

Celtic Crossing has a semi-enclosed patio with heaters (903 Cooper St).

Railgarten has a number of fire pits in their outdoor space (2166 Central Ave).

The Second Line + Restaurant Iris has heated patio-dining areas (2144 Monroe Ave) Second Line isn’t open for dining right now, but you can order to-go online at irisetc.com

Slider Inn Midtown has part of its patio enclosed with heating (2117 Peabody Ave).


East Memphis/Germantown

Magnolia and May has a heated patio (718 Mt Moriah Rd).

Central BBQ Poplar has a covered heated patio (6201 Poplar Ave).

We know these aren’t the only ones! If you know of a spot we should add to our list, leave us a note in the comments!

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