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Photo: Primas Bakery & Boutique

15 Places to Get Your Donut Fix in Memphis

Be it glazed or coconut-crusted, Memphis offers several locally-owned places for you to get your donut fix:

A Memphis-style box of donuts decorated for a birthday.

2731 Bartlett Blvd (Bartlett)

Bartlett Donuts has fresh donuts daily, coffee, and great service. Conquer the day with the donut sandwich (choice of meat with egg cheese between a glazed donut) for breakfast.

A plate of donuts covered in icing and sprinkles.

French Truck – 1350 Concourse Ave #167 (Crosstown)

Imagine Vegan Cafe – 2158 Young Ave (Cooper Young)

City & State – 2625 Broad Ave (Binghampton)

Vegans deserve donuts too! Check out Darling Donuts weekly themed offerings around town at French Truck, City & State, and Imagine Vegan Cafe.

A plate of Memphis donut - themed Spider-Man donuts.

1016 W. Poplar (Collierville)

The Donut Hutt offers donuts, kolaches, and other pastries. They also offer custom birthday orders and their space is available to rent for parties. Their hours are Tues-Fri (5AM-11AM) Sat (5AM-12PM) and Sun (6AM-12PM).

A tray of Memphis donuts with sprinkles on them.

3224 Austin Peay Hwy (Raleigh)

The Donut Man Bakery offers classic and speciality donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee daily from 3:30AM – 5:00PM. 

*Fun fact:* If you’re looking for an amazing place to have a kid’s birthday party or a class field trip, The Donut Man is your guy!

A hand holding a cookie covered in chocolate and caramel, Keyword: donut.

760 Mt. Moriah (East Memphis)

A staple of Memphis since 1969, Gibson’s offers a solid donut experience with breakfast sandwiches as well. 

*Pro tip:* They are open 24 hours and after 11pm offer a dozen doughnuts for $3 or a half dozen for $1.50 (until sold out). 

7781 Farmington Avenue (Germantown)

Sometimes good things come in small packages—and though these donuts are miniature sized, they are mighty flavorful. And thery have gluten free options!

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A plate filled with Memphis donuts coated in rich chocolate icing and frosting.

4348 Summer Ave (East Memphis)

8130 Bellevue Pkwy (Cordova)

8968 US-64 (Lakeland)

Open since the 1970s, Howard’s offers various donuts and beverages. Hours vary based on location.

A donut on a plate.
Photo: Memphis Mojo Cafe (Deef Fried Donut)

7124 US Highway 64, # 101 (Bartlett)

Make your day a little sweeter with the Byron Donut Burger special that includes a 6 oz. beef patty, cheese, fried egg, and candied bacon in between a Donut Box donut. Open from 11AM – 9PM Monday-Saturday and 12 – 6PM on Sunday.

Midtown Donuts

A tray of Memphis donuts on a counter.

1776 Union Ave (Midtown)

Midtown Donuts is open daily from 4AM-6PM and offers a wide variety of donuts, breakfast sandwiches, wraps, and kolaches. 

A rack of Memphis donuts with sprinkles and icing.

2211 Ridgeway Rd (East Memphis)

Get your fixin’ of fresh donuts,  coffee, breakfast sandwiches, and kolaches at O.B. Donuts from 5AM – 2PM Tuesday through Sunday.

734 Mt. Moriah Rd (East Memphis)

Word on the street is that Primas has gourmet donuts that pack a punch—and that’s no surprise since their dessert game is on point with cakes, cookies, macarons, and more.

A platter of donuts and a cup of coffee.

7535 Poplar Avenue, Suite 109 (Germantown)

Donuts, biscuits, and your fried chicken breakfast fix all in one place! Get your sweet and salty fix with the Maple Bacon Ring, a maple iced donut topped with a crispy slice of bacon.

Box of donuts.


Classics and new flavors await at this neighborhood favorite. Order their custom birthday donuts to surprise your BFF, partner, or co-worker.

7546 US-70 Ste 101 (Bartlett)

1168 N Houston Levee Rd #101 (Cordova)

Known for their popular icing, cake, and glazed donuts, U.S. Donuts has got your donut fix. Hours vary at each location.

2780 Bartlett Rd (Bartlett)

No trip here is complete without voodoo doll beignets and one of their strong coffee drinks. Try the French Quarter Special for a traditional beignet and cafe au lait experience. 

Where is your favorite place to grab a donut? Let us know and we’ll add it to the guide! 

Did we miss your favorite donut spot?

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Looking for coffee to go with your donut?

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