Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Memphis offers several locally owned places for you to get your donut fix! Check it.

Gibson's Donuts

Photo: Britton DeWeese at Gibson’s Donuts

A staple of Memphis since 1969, Gibson’s offers a solid donut experience with breakfast sandwiches as well. They are open 24 hours. Tip: Every night after 11pm Gibson’s offers a dozen doughnuts for $3 or a half dozen for $1.50 (until sold out). Our suggestion: Try their maple bacon donut or watermelon koolaide donuts.

Donald’s offers a wide variety of donuts, some breakfast sandwiches, and kolaches. Their hours are 5am-6pm daily. Our suggestion: Try their blueberry cake donut and the donut holes.

Open since the 1970s, Howard’s offers various donuts and beverages. Hours are 4am-6pm daily. Our suggestion: Try the crullers. 

  • Cafe Eclectic – 602 N. McLean (Midtown), 510 S. Highland (Midtown), 111 Harbortown Sq (Downtown)

Cafe Eclectic is known for their coffee and food, but they also offer plain, glazed, chocolate frosted, sprinkle, cinnamon sugar, blueberry and chocolate glazed donuts. Their hours vary by location, and you can find those here. Our suggestion: Try the Star & Micey (or any of their coffee drinks really) with a chocolate sprinkle donut.

Known for their convenient location, Memphis Donuts offers fresh donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and other treats. Their hours are M-F 5am-4pm, Sat 5am-3pm, and Sun 5am-1pm.

The Donut Hutt offers donuts, kolaches, and other pastries. You can also rent out their space for birthday parties. Their hours are Tues-Fri 5am-2pm, Sat 5am-1pm, and Sun 6am-1pm.  Our suggestion: Try the croughnut

The Donut Box offers several specialty donut flavors as well as the normal glazed options, and breakfast sandwiches. Hours are Tues-Fri 5am-3pm, Sat and Sun 5am-2pm. Drive-thru is available. Our suggestion: Try the green tea donut.

The newest donut shop on the block is open Mon-Fri 6:30am-7pm right now and offers cake and yeast donuts as well as salads, sandwiches, and kolaches.

The Donut Factory serves a wide variety of donuts, fruit/yogurt parfaits and French toast with sides of eggs, sausage, bacon, or hash browns.

Blends Donut Cafe is a relatively new donut shop specializing in little cake style donuts, iced and hot coffee drinks and other breakfast options. Their donuts are smaller than the standard cake donut, which allows you to try to more than one flavor.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays you can get the “Byron DONUT Burger” which includes a 6 oz. pattie, cheese, fried egg, and candied bacon in between a donut.

The Donut Box sells fresh, fluffy, yeasty donuts and has a drive through window.

The Donut Man Bakery offers yeasty donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee.

Bartlett Donuts has fresh donuts daily, coffee, and great service.

Get your donut fix at Millington Donuts which also offers breakfast sandwiches and croissants.

Check out Sophie’s Donuts for all kinds of donuts and fast service.

Get donuts and biscuits all at the same place.

Enjoy build-your-own mini donuts with various toppings, milkshakes, coffee, and more.

Where is your favorite place to grab a donut? Let us know in the comments! Looking for coffee to go with your donut? Here’s some ideas.

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