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About Choose901

Choose901 serves as a guide for folks who choose Memphis as the place to invest and enjoy their life.

These are the people who know and believe that Memphis isn’t becoming a good city, but is already a great city. A real city with problems that need to be solved. A growing city with opportunities to be seized. A fun city with so much to enjoy.



Why does our Downtown have a Pyramid? The answer is simple… Why not?!
There are many reasons to Choose901. Here are just a few:

Memphis is dope.

The Bluff City boasts an affordable cost of living, incredible food, a strong arts community, and a deep devotion to our music, cultural history, and more.

Memphis is diverse.

With a Black population over 60%, and nearly 9% of metro-area businesses being immigrant-owned, we celebrate our diversity, and invite you to be a part of this beautiful convergence of cultures.

Memphis is devoted to making a difference.

This city is consistently ranked at the top of national lists for charitable giving. That’s because our Bluff citizens believe in supporting others—whether that’s through an exchange of time, money, or meaningful resources.

Memphis might be made for you. Keep reading to see why you should Choose901. 

How do you CHOOSE901?


From volunteers, donors, and teachers, to mentors and nonprofit leaders, thousands of Memphians are making moves to keep Memphis moving forward. You, too, could be among the ranks of greats who give, teach, and tend to the business of building a better Memphis. 

  • Interested in a career in education? Learn about Teach901.
  • Want to make a difference in the lives of our local youth? Become a Give901 Member.
  • Trying to find ways to give back this month? Find a list of volunteer opportunities here.


A group of people in a room with a man on top of a ladder.

Between our unique local businesses, lively music scene, finger-licking food, and more, Memphis is bustling with “best kept secrets” and we want to make sure you know about them all.

Check out our calendar of events that’s full of fun.


Choose901 is a campaign of City Leadership which exists to recruit, develop, and catalyze leaders for the benefit of the city of Memphis. 

We strongly believe that better leaders make a better city. For this reason, we strive to recruit talented individuals to Memphis, to develop leaders and organizations in Memphis, and to catalyze collaborative projects for the benefit of the city.

Now is the time. Memphis is the place.

Memphis is all of us