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Teacher Appreciation
Teacher Appreciation Month is here!

Teach901’s Teacher Appreciation Month Bonanza

Memphis, get ready to celebrate the incredible dedication of our local educators! Teach901 is rolling out a heartwarming Teacher Appreciation Month series, filled with exciting giveaways and exclusive deals, in partnership with beloved local businesses. This spree of gratitude runs until May 24th and hopes to sprinkle a little extra joy into the lives of those who teach the city’s future leaders.

Exclusive Giveaways & More

In collaboration with local businesses such as The Central Station Hotel and Sana Yoga, Teach901 is hosting a month long series of giveaways via Teach901’s Instagram and weekly email that cater to the well-being and relaxation of our educators. Picture this: relaxing yoga sessions that unwind the stresses of teaching, or a luxurious staycation at the stylish Central Station Hotel. These are just a couple of the indulgences in store for our deserving teachers.

"We Love Teachers": Discounts Galore!

Adding to the festivities, Teach901’s “We Love Teachers” campaign offers a treasure trove of local discounts exclusively for educators. This campaign is a fantastic opportunity for teachers to enjoy a variety of offers from local businesses, showing them some well-deserved love and appreciation. 

As Teacher Appreciation Month unfolds, let’s rally together to support and celebrate our educators, who invest tirelessly in our community’s future. It’s a wonderful way for Memphis to give back, ensuring our teachers feel recognized and valued.

Don’t forget to spread the word spread the word about these amazing opportunities with a local educator!

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