Video/Photo Intern

Internship Summary

Our internships are designed to challenge and develop leaders through mentoring and empowerment. Video/Photo Interns support the Marketing and Communications Manager in collecting photo and video footage, producing content and managing social media platforms for Oasis of Hope programs and community events.



· Collects photo and video footage of Oasis of Hope events and programming

· Must be able to capture visual content that considers the format of the social platform in which it will be displayed

· Video Editing

· Photo Editing

· Creates content for all Oasis of Hope social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

· Helps to produce and distribute engaging material to volunteers and other partners (via newsletters, social media engagement, etc)

· Must maintain continuity of messaging and brand on all outgoing materials


Required Skills

· Must be flexible, adaptable and able to multitask

· Great collaborator who is able to verbalize their ideas

· Ability to create still and motion graphics for both video and photos is a plus

· Must be comfortable pitching concepts based on project needs and responding to manager feedback

· Must be comfortable interacting with people from a variety of backgrounds in a respectful and engaging way

· Must be able to work well with a variety of age groups

· Video editing and photo retouching skills



Internship Details

· Reports to the Marketing and Communications Manager

· Must have reliable transportation to and from work

· Camera equipment is a plus

· Internship, contracted by season/semester

· At least 3+ days/week, up to 20hrs/wk

· Possible Weekends



· College credits

· Community service hours

· Small stipend

To apply for this job email your details to

  • Part Time
  • Memphis, TN
  • Small Stipend USD / Year
  • Salary: Small Stipend

Oasis of Hope

Part Time

Memphis, TN

  • Salary: Small Stipend
  • To apply for this job email your details to