eCommerce Coordinator

If all things marketing, web, business, or information systems light your fire, this could be the position for you! In this position, your focus is on bridging the gap between store and warehouse web fulfillment team, and ensuring team is providing customers with high-touch “White Glove” customer service that rivals any other online shopping experience.

Typical Duties Include:

General web liaison helping to ease the communications between store and warehouse web team
Pull all orders as they come in, update Shopify as they come in, manage all open orders until they are shipped by warehouse team.
Ensure customers who are waiting on special orders have a high level of communication
Be accountable for managing up to 300+ open orders during any given week. It’s your job to ensure customers are getting updates on their orders, answers to their questions, and their products shipped in a timely manner
Chat/Phone First Line of Support
In-store pickup leader, prepare any local pickup orders immediately
Upsell/Cross-sell in certain situations, enter sales leads in our system, recover abandoned carts
Wow customers consistently and often with quick/exceptional customer service and anticipating and meeting customer needs
Large order and VIP customer “white glove” services.
Improve Customer Retention, monitor KPIs such as Average Order Value, Customer Repeat Rates, Conversion Rate, etc.
Innovate – come up with new and better ways of doing things

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Bella Vita

Full Time


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